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Podcast Heat has announced that Diamond Dallas Page and Jake Roberts will launch their own podcast for the network called “DDPS Snake Pit”. The press release is as follows:

“DDP Snake Pit” Participates in Podcast Heat

Wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page and Jake’s “Snake” Roberts team up with “Podcaster” Conrad Thompson to create a new podcast

Podcast Heat adds a “DDP Snake Pit” to add new podcasts to your network that you can’t miss. A collaboration between Wrestling Hall of Fame Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), Jake’The Snake’Roberts, and podcasting veteran Conrad Thompson will begin on January 4th.

DDP and Roberts are two of the most famous people who set foot in the wrestling ring. They sold out the arena, headlined pay-per-view, and are part of a memorable moment in the history of sports. The impact on the professional wrestling industry cannot be denied. But outside the ring, DDP and Roberts’ journey had an even greater impact.

After DDP was forced to leave the sport due to the wear of a tight wrestling schedule, he developed DDP Yoga (DDPY), focusing his life mission on health, wellness and motivation. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the DDP program was Roberts, who fought addiction and self-destructive behavior for years. Together, they recorded Roberts’ battle in the fascinating documentary “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.”

“DDP SnakePit” promises not another wrestling podcast. While DDP and Roberts share stories from their careers, they also motivate listeners to share personal stories that improve their daily lives and overcome struggles and challenges. Focus on it.

Diamond Dallas Page:

“Jake, Konrad, and I will kick off at BANG in 2022. I’m crazy about starting this project. It’s dangerous in the open mic format. But then Jake’s best wrestling talker With one person and the addition of “Podfather” Konrad Thompson, you can promise listeners that “DDP Snake Pit” will soon become your favorite podcast. “

Jake “Snake” Roberts:

“In 1986, WWF gave me a microphone for the original” Snake Pit “. From then on, every time I spoke, I noticed that people were leaning on and listening. At DDP Snake Pit, I hope people will lean forward and listen to me and DDP from their wrestling career, their journey out of the ring, and all the twists along the way. And at the end of the day, we want to motivate and support people no matter what life they are trying to achieve. “

“DDP Snake Pit” Host Conrad Thompson:

“I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to work on this project. Obviously, Dallas and Jake are two of the most unique personalities in the character-filled industry. But I’m not wrestling with these gentlemen. I’m really looking forward to talking about my approach to life. This will be a different format and approach to podcasting than I’m used to, but listeners adjust it every week and then really something. I’m sure you’ll get something positive. “


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Diamond Dallas Page and Jay Croverts launch their own podcast Diamond Dallas Page and Jay Croverts launch their own podcast

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