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Did I miss buying an IAG while it was still a penny stock?

one year ago, FTSE 100 Airline inventory International Consolidated Airlines Group (LSE: IAG) It was trading at the sub 100p level. Due to the pandemic, inventories plummeted into penny stock. Devalued a year later, IAG’s share price rose about 80% to over 160p.

So did you miss it because you didn’t buy the IAG stock? Yes, I did. If I had bought IAG as a penny stock, I would be sitting in some sweet returns right now.

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IAG stock price fluctuations

However, Motley Fool is interested in investing in the long-term stock market. And as far as the fate of the IAG share price over the next few years is concerned, no verdict has yet been issued. This is especially true. Because in the months following the development of the Covid vaccine, a significant portion of the benefits it has achieved has been lost.

Like many other Covid-19-affected stocks, IAG rushed to a relief rally that began last November. By early April of this year, its share price was quite sitting at a high of 218p. However, continuous uncertainty is sacrificed. As I write, it is trading near 163p, down 25% from its highs earlier this year.

The question I have to consider now is whether IAG’s share price is still rising. Or, as a long-term investor, did you miss it when it was still a penny stock and dodge a figurative bullet?

Company problems

There are many issues that IAG has to deal with. Travel is still limited and cases of coronavirus are increasing even in some parts of Asia, which is not a good omen. Crude oil prices are rising and are expected to continue next year. As a significant cost in the aviation business, this can put additional pressure on the company’s finances. In fact, the IAG flagged this as a concern a few months ago.And the company also has Debt pile Fight against.

Rise of FTSE 100 shares

However, as we saw last November, stock prices are rising in anticipation of a better time. The performance of the FTSE 100 enterprise did not improve overnight. In fact, many of them have reported losses in recent months. Still, they were running fast. And that makes me optimistic about IAG as well.

The global economy is expected to show good growth for the rest of this year and next year. Vaccines have effectively protected against the virus, reducing the chance of re-introducing the turmoil of last year.So a better time may soon begin to appear in the IAG numbers — in fact Already have..

What i do

As this trend grows stronger, IAG’s stock price could get even better. It may take some time to return to the pre-pandemic highs. But I think there is a good chance that it will happen. So I already bought it.

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Did I miss buying an IAG while it was still a penny stock? Did I miss buying an IAG while it was still a penny stock?

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