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Through 12 games Sacramento Kings Not bad considering how hard their schedule was to start the season, but that’s not great either. But the question in this week’s poll wasn’t whether the king was good or bad. It was, for better or for worse, whether they were one of the most amazing teams in the NBA.

While some Kings fans may disagree, NBA fans who voted in this week’s poll don’t think the Sacramento season is so remarkable.Instead, they Cleveland Cavaliers The most amazing team, Milwaukee Bucks It was the most disappointing because there was no better word.

Cavalier currently has a record of 7-5, which is sufficient for the 6th seed of the Western Conference. They were active in the off-season, trading Ricky Rubio and Lauri Markkanen as free agents, but I don’t think anyone made them a penciler as a playoff team. The same is true for the No. 1 seed. Washington Wizards.. Remember when Kings was discussing the package Wizards got for Russell Westbrook? Good times.

Milwaukee Bucks has the opposite problem. After winning the 2020-21 NBA Championship, the absence of Chris Middleton, who tested positive for COVID-19 in November, made it difficult to start the season. It’s safe to assume that they will eventually turn things around, but for now they are expected to be play-in teams with 6-6 records. It’s good that Kings aren’t attending the Eastern Conference!

If Kings had been asked this question when he was 5-4, the answer would probably have been different, but in the midst of a series of defeats, I don’t think there’s anything that stands out from his personality.

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Did Kings live up to expectations? Did Kings live up to expectations?

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