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It was also a tough night for Molly McCann of “Meatball” as Liverpudlian lost to Lara Procopio on the scorecard.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, Procopio, controlled McCann for most of the match, making unanimous decisions 29–27, 29–28, and 30–27, giving Molly a second defeat. .. After the battle, emotional McCann took off his gloves and put them in the ring. This usually indicates that the fighter has decided to retire.

However, shortly after the exhibition, “meatballs” used social media to explain the movement.

“Before I got into it, I left my gloves in the cage for my dad,” McCann wrote. “This old dog still has a fight.”

McCann’s father died before joining the UFC in 2018, but the fight against Procopio at UFC Vegas 18 happened to be his birthday.

“I said,’Well, I’m going to give him the best birthday present I’ve ever had,'” McCann declared. In an interview with Before the battle. “When the tip is down and the head is struck, I’m almost choking, or choking, or the bones of the orbit are a little crushed, or I have my knees facing my nose. I broke my bones. I can’t stop because of him. I know how hard he fought every day, so I’m going to fight harder. ”

“The fighter was drawn from the pain and he always wanted to see me fight (in Las Vegas), so I have to do it for him.”

“The only thing I can return is to respect his memory,” she concludes. “This is it. Fighting for your family’s name and their honor is what you do, so it just pushes me in one direction on Saturday night.”

McCann couldn’t win on Saturday night, but she made a lot of improvements over her styling tough opponents. The blueprint for chopping “meatballs” was to always beat her and not engage in brawls. And while it worked for Procopio again, McCann was much harder to stay on the ground this round, and almost ended up submitting her opponent in the second round.

I know there are a few more camps (and less COVID restrictions) … McCann can snap this losing streak and move on to another run 3-0 as in 2019. I will. No matter how much things go, her Da will be proud.

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Did Meatball Molly retire in the cage last night? Did Meatball Molly retire in the cage last night?

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