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Henderson, Nevada-how yet Las Vegas Raiders Maybe … reeeaaachAgain, for their first draft topic-this time Alabama’s offensive efforts Alex leather wood??

After taking Clerin Ferrel 2019 is 4th overall. Henry Lux III The first receiver selected in a historically deep draft for wide out in 2020.


Stop trying to understand it, like. It all depends on your definition of “reach” and, to be exact, who defines it.

The Raiders, like the other 31 NFL teams, have their own draftboards and rankings, and think your mock, Melkaiper Jr., Daniel Jeremiah, or someone else is heading for the draft. I don’t really care about that.

“I ignore it 100%, except for the fact that I think understanding the value of the league is part of my job,” said Mike Mayock, General Manager of Raiders. Create his own mock draft for college players and the NFL Network.

“Therefore, if you want to move the board up and down, you need to know the league value of the player.”

It does not defend or blame the Raiders idea, but explains how to choose the 17th overall leatherwood, far from the aggressive tackle of Consensus Stop 5.

In other words, Sally Field loved him. They really, really loved him. And, after all, that’s important. Or did you miss Mayock, who made a living with Kiper, Jeremiah, and others, saying that Leatherwood was the 17th-ranked man with a terrible reputation?

“Honestly, he was the most acclaimed player on our board at the time. Attack or defense,” Mayok said.

And it is. Like, according to the Raiders draft board, when Las Vegas came in time, the specific needs and the concept of the best players available crossed. And from a Las Vegas point of view, the choice was easy.

On the other hand, many Raider Nations were ready to jump off the Stratosphere Tower after a leatherwood pick. Christian Dariso And Teben Jenkins Still available.Indeed, the Raiders trade back yet You got their guy

Yeah, no. Not according to Mayok.

“When we got on time, the team called us and asked about moving up, but they gave us a very poor trade offer, and it’s an effort. Was the team that needed it, “he said. “So the combination of poor offers and their needs kept us away from it.

“I had a risk / reward scenario and in this case I didn’t feel it was worth it.”

In retrospect, after Las Vegas, Minnesota was the only team to choose an aggressive tackle in the first round. Minnesota won Dariso in 23rd place (Jenkins is now 39)th To Chicago).

The Raiders traded up in the second round to gain top-ranked safety in the consensus. Trebon Morrig It seems that the Raider Nation was suppressed at No. 43. Because, in reality, many would have celebrated on the strip if they had flipped two picks, Moehrig in the first round and Leatherwood in the second round.

In reality, Raiders addresses two realistic and specific needs: right efforts and free safety, and both Leatherwood and Moehrig need to start this fall.

As in 2019, the Raiders need a defensive end and put the best guys in the rugs on board at the time at Ferrel and last season.

“He was the only one I wanted in this draft,” said Raiders owner Marc Davis. Talked to about Ruggs During training camp.

I hate players, not games … etc.

“That is, it definitely put a tip on my shoulder,” Leatherwood said of the pre-draft ranking. “I’m a little worried, but at the same time I’m not a media guy. I’m not the type of guy who gets caught up in that trash because I know what my movie says about me. And with GM Coach, they know that too. Thank you for watching the movie and thinking it was enough for me to be the 17th overall.

“I’m excited to join the program and prove they’re right. I don’t necessarily have to prove to the wrong people who I hate, all mock drafts, etc., but myself and the Raiders organization To prove that it is correct. “

And the Raiders went to the rest of the draft-taken the edge rusher at number 79, which was considered a late outlook. Malcolm CoonsSelect a receiver-turned safety that will be converted to a weak sidelinebacker at God’s Divro Pick one later and trade up to draft another safety Tyree Gillespie Before dealing with the secondary again in the cornerback, in No.143 Nate Hobs Book another aggressive lineman and draft in the center at No. 167 Jimmy Morrissey..

Yes, aggressive line coach Tom Cable has juice in the walls of Silver and Black Dam.

Really, the biggest surprise was that five of the seven Las Vegas picks were on the defensive side of the ball, as it was the first time in franchise history that the Raiders did not draft an aggressive skill position player.

Or did you forget that Jon Gruden coached the Raiders and had the final say on personnel decisions?

Mayok laughed.

“I love John,” Mayok said at the end of the draft. “He was so good. In other words, on the second day, I attacked the defensive side of the ball. He was more excited than I was …

“And, after all, Jon Gruden is an aggressive guy, but what did we do throughout the weekend, we tried to help him get better defenses, and I told him of it Gives a lot of credit for him. He’s all-in. “

Are you still trying to understand it?

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Did the Raiders “reach” again in the draft?Depends on your definition-Las Vegas Raiders Blog Did the Raiders “reach” again in the draft?Depends on your definition-Las Vegas Raiders Blog

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