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know. That’s a little terrible. Max Holloway has already taken the next shot. His January victory over Calvin Kattar was perfect and there was no doubt that he would be the next candidate for the Alexander Volkanovski vs. Brian Ortega winner.

However, the “Ultimate Fighter” threw a wrench into the plan in terms of timing. It’s great that Volkanovski and Ortega get that exposure, and I’m sure they’ll get a great salary. But what about Hollowway? Not so many. “TUF” put him in an unfortunate situation.

The next season of “TUF” will start shooting within a few weeks. It could be late 2021 by the time the show is filmed, the media is complete, the show runs, and the coaches fight. And who knows what recovery the Volkanovski vs. Ortega victors will face?

Hollowway needs something to work on and something to motivate him. To feed that hunger, the UFC should pay out extra money to pay Hollowway for his service and serve as a backup fighter for the title fight whenever that happens. That way, Holloway still needs to focus on the task at hand. The goal remains the same. Work is put in and money is earned. In addition, Hollowway will not lose the legitimately earned place in the next row.

Fighting another top candidate is fun and helps him stay active, but it’s a dangerous operation. Hollowway needs to play it safely and slot it as a backup for the next featherweight title battle.

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Did The Ultimate Fighter ruin Max Holloway’s plans? Did The Ultimate Fighter ruin Max Holloway’s plans?

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