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Entering the last month of the year, it’s natural to look back and forth between Switch games and wonder if you missed something. Many of us here at Nintendo Life are trying to catch up with what has slipped through our personal net, and as we mentioned earlier, what has slipped through the site’s net is inevitable. There is a target.

So, six months after asking for personal hidden gem recommendations for a great Switch game that missed a review on the site, there’s something else I’ve missed since Switch was released in 2017. I thought it was worth asking if.

In the last 6 months, we’ve been able to catch up with one release since the beginning of the year — UnderHero — And there are still many games hidden in the Switch eShop. So please re-send Nintendo Life readers your thoughts on the recently enjoyed switch game that seems to be flying under everyone else’s radar. It doesn’t have to be a recent release, but make sure there are no repeats from the 12 games highlighted in the community in June.

Read every entry and recreate your favorites with another feature that introduces games that the Nintendo Life Community feels worthy of love.

Peach thinking

As before, the only prize for choosing an entry is that your words are highlighted on the site. The submission process is the same as last time.

Submission guidelines

  • 100 word limit -Keep it simple! No need to dig deep into the history of the genre and every mechanic. Focus on what the game is, how it differs from other games, and why you enjoyed it.
  • One entry per game -Freely send your thoughts on multiple games. However, it does not need to be duplicated.
  • Select only games that have not been reviewed on the site -To see if a Nintendo Life review exists, enter the name of your game in the search box at the top of the page (look for the magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner) and click on the game page that appears. To do. If you don’t have a review, you can go!

Recommended sending method

  • To Nintendo Life Inquiry page Select the subject “SwitcheShop Hidden Gems” From the dropdown menu (already done with the link above). Enter your name, email address, beautifully crafted message in the appropriate box,[送信]Click to turn Bob into an uncle.

Feel free to drop your question in the comments section below. WI look forward to seeing what you recommend.

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