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Did you get $ 1,000?Consider buying these three growth stocks

One of the reasons many people don’t start investing at the same time they get a job or start a business is because they believe it’s not worth investing a small amount of capital. Wait until they have enough parts to invest, afterwards Their investment may be worth something.

This is a false attitude towards investment, as capital is not the only variable of value in the investment equation. Another important variable is time.

So it doesn’t matter if your investment is $ 1,000 instead of $ 10,000. If you find the right strain, you may be able to grow that $ 1,000 into an important nest egg if you have enough time. If you start investing in your mid-20s, it will take about 40 years to expand your investment.


Canadian Apartment Property REIT (TSX: CAR.UN) is the second oldest REIT aristocrat and has been paying more for eight consecutive years. With a market capitalization of $ 9.3 billion, it has a portfolio of approximately 67,478 suites and sites in Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands. The company operates under different banners in two European countries.

REIT The occupancy rate is 97.9%, which is only about 1.1% lower than in 2019. Its impressive portfolio also includes a decent equity growth rate, a 10-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.7%. It may not be possible because the market in 40 years can be quite different, but if the company can continue to grow at the same rate, it could turn a $ 1,000 investment into a six-digit nest egg. Let’s do it.

Venture capital stock

Venture capital stocks usually don’t get much investor attention, but if you look at the junior market, you can find decent growth stocks. Black line safety (TSXV: BLN) This is an example. It offers a 10.3% 10-year CAGR, which is fully sustainable. The company has been slowly growing revenue over the last five years and has an expanding product line.

Currently, we are focusing on the safety and communication equipment of lone workers, especially for monitoring gas levels and toxicity. However, if the product line is expanded to drones and next-generation robots, the company may be well-positioned to thrive in future markets.

Consulting company

Karian (TSX: CGY) Is Consulting company We provide innovative solutions for various businesses and industries. Its strengths are advanced technology solutions, but it also extends to IT, learning, and health solutions. It supports industries such as agricultural technology, education, satellite, public safety and security.

Based in Ontario, the company is growing at a decent pace. Compared to most other businesses, 2020 was (financially) good. However, inventory has been declining since the beginning of 2021, so you have the opportunity to buy at a discounted price. With a 10-year CAGR of 17% and steady growth, its long-term growth outlook looks great.

Stupid takeaway

Forty years is a long time, but even if three-quarters or a quarter of a $ 1,000 investment pays off in the long run, it could add a significant amount to retirement savings. Time is your friend when it comes to investing, and you need to spend as much time as you can, especially when working with relatively limited capital.

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Did you get $ 1,000?Consider buying these three growth stocks Did you get $ 1,000?Consider buying these three growth stocks

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