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Did you get a new phone?Here’s what to do with your old one

From universal TV remote controls to homemade baby monitors, your options are endless.

Brand new phones for Christmas are great, but it seems wasteful to push an old phone into a drawer.

We searched the internet high and low to find the best and most creative way to use your old cell phone.

Turn it into a TV remote control.

It’s too easy to get rid of the TV remote control. We all experienced the stress of throwing cushions around the living room and trying to find it by stretching our arms under the sofa. So why not turn your old phone into a universal remote control for your smart TV this Christmas?

When I find the remote control, it takes too long to type one character at a time using the arrows, and I desperately try to find the program I’m looking for.

If you make a mistake, press the arrow again to try to find the delete button. This is a pain.

The same is true for entering passwords. Clicking on your Netflix account can be a daunting task, spending years entering your password.

At the very least, turn your old phone into a TV remote and you’ll get a full keyboard you can use.

Never moan about losing the remote control again!

There are many apps you can download to control your Chromecast, Roku device, Vizio or Amazon Fire TV. You can also get a universal remote app that covers all your devices. At least this way, we have a spare remote control in case you lose it.

Create your own baby monitor.

There are many new and fashionable baby monitors out there, but what if you could say you could make your own from your old cell phone …

There are apps that can monitor your sleeping baby, so why not save money this Christmas?

For Android users, you can download various apps such as AtHome Camera, Baby Cam, Dormi and more.

These apps allow you to connect multiple devices, adjust noise levels and perform two-way communication. When your baby starts crying, you’ll be notified that you don’t have to worry.

Did we get your attention? Take a look at the baby cam app in action.

AtHome Camera: Android | iOS

Baby cam: Android

Dormi: Android

Put yourself a top SIM only transaction in your bag.

We have some great SIM only deals that are perfect for your old phone. So whether you give it to the kids or keep it in reserve, you don’t have to fork out to take advantage of it.

Whether you’re looking for unlimited data, 5G data, or an affordable amount of data, we’ll cover you.Check out our best SIM-only deals today.

What do you do with yours?

Lots of cool and creative ideas to get the most out of your old phone.

You can improve your movie nights, make your own TV, listen to your baby downstairs, and even save yourself some cash – so you’re yours What do you do?

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Did you get a new phone?Here’s what to do with your old one Did you get a new phone?Here’s what to do with your old one

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