Die by the Blade Makes Kickstarter Campaign Successful

the publisher Whetstone And developers Triple Hill Interactive And Midori Toko Announcing the upcoming one-hit kill sword fighting game Die with a blade We’ve achieved our funding goals through Kickstarter and moved on to the next stage of development.

A total of 478 supporters pledged over $ 25,000 Die with a blade Secure some exciting rewards along the way. The money raised will be used to extend the current gameplay experience with high-quality animations using motion capture technology, expand the character roster, and add more weapons.

“After the success of the Kickstarter campaign, it’s an exciting time to develop Die by the Blade.” Peter Nagy, founder and CEO of publisher Grindstone, commented. “We would like to thank all the supporters who supported us during the campaign and welcome many new fans to the DbtB community. Their feedback and constant support make a lot of sense and we We value their feedback on the future development of the game. “

“We were excited to reach our Kickstarter goals and were humbled by the great support we received from the community and fans throughout the campaign.” Peter Adamony, Development Leader of Triple Hill Interactive, said. “It’s time to enter the next exciting development phase and invest these additional funds to create a truly amazing gameplay experience that we want to offer our fans.”

Before the end of the campaign, the team released a pre-alpha gameplay video with comments from Peter Adamondi of Triple Hill Interactive, explaining some of the key gameplay mechanisms. You can take a closer look at the development of the game, along with a behind-the-scenes vlog playlist.

Figure Inspiration from legendary fighting games such as Bushido Blade and Samurai Road, Die with a blade In a one-hit kill sword fighting action game, players need to pick up their weapons and confront deadly enemies. Choose your character, choose your weapon, and take part in a one-on-one battle where you can decide your fate with the slightest mistake.Become the master of your craft and fight to death in tense, fast-paced multiplayer matches or defeat tough AI enemies in thrilling single-player campaigns

Fans can visit this official page to add their games to their wishlist on Steam.

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Die by the Blade Completes Successful Kickstarter Campaign

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