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Still, the conclusion that Diego Carlos has moved to the story of St. James’ Park has not been successful.

Indeed, Sky Sports reports that their information is that Newcastle United is currently considering an alternative to Brazil’s centre-backs.

Newcastle United owners say that a sufficient number of Sevilla continue to raise prices with each new bid.

According to Sky Sports, the Riga Club was initially able to land Diego Carlos with a bid of around € 30 million, but the NUFC bid failed and the numbers are still in conclusion. Not.

Therefore, it is clear that Sevilla need to be proactive and come back soon. Newcastle UnitedIf the reality is that they want to deposit cash in a bank.

Diego Carlos had already said he wanted to move to Sevilla Newcastle United During this month’s negotiations, three times the reported current wages are probably one of the factors!

From my point of view, it still seems that there are two factors involved that could lead to a deal.

Sevilla decide that they really want cash, and / or Diego Carlos himself becomes stronger in trying to force the exit.

This is certainly now or never because Newcastle United is willing to pay Diego Carlos a premium of around £ 10m or more to support the fight for demotion (and what he can do). It is not a transaction between clubs. Contribute to the next season).

If Sevilla wanted to sell at that time, compared to the transfer fee that any club would potentially be ready to pay this summer.

For just seven weeks today, Diego Carlos will be 29 and 29 and a half will be the beginning of next season.

My belief is that the Diego Carlos move can still happen and the two clubs could potentially delay the agreement. Newcastle United has a fair amount of money available, but makes it clear that they will not be required to pay a ransom during this transfer period.

I recently read that the influence of Brexit requires extra time (days instead of hours) regarding the impact on transfers between UK clubs and continental clubs. When purchasing from overseas, complete the transfer paperwork.If that is the case, with six days left until the transfer window closes, Sevilla will have to make a very quick decision if they want to deposit their premium in the bank. NUFC Diego Carlos’ current rating.

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Diego Carlos moves to Newcastle United in the hands of Sevilla-report Diego Carlos moves to Newcastle United in the hands of Sevilla-report

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