Diego’s 2020 Top Games

It had some radical highs associated with its desolate lows, as was the 2020 trash. I got a lot of excitement at PAX East with the full MV crew and finally graduated from school and after graduating I got a fresh job in my career. The cost was concerts and movies that I was eagerly hoping to be lost in the emptiness. But the game was still pretty good. This year there were some pretty fun surprises, such as Streets of Rage 4 and Fight Crab, offering moments of joy in this oppressive year.

10. Monetary

As a longtime Jaws fan, what I’ve always wanted was a good game to capture the visceral perspective of being a shark. Maneater provided it in spades. The angle of the RPG was neat, and what made the upgrade even more scary of the sharks was that they were devilishly delicious when they terrorized the citizens of Port Clovis.

Best moment: A tail that whips people who go to the beach in the stratosphere

9. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

To be honest, it really feels good to shit again about Call of Duty. I’ve been away from the wagon since the criminal slept in the Advanced Warfare. The Cold War is a wonderful return to the (modern) form. The campaign never reached the initial Black Ops highs, but it can still stir up the itching of its conspiracy film, and competitive multiplayer is better than ever. I think there are also zombies.

Best moment: The flood of hatred messages I receive during the match gives me that serotonin

8. Haunting

It’s hard for me to call Phasmophobia a “good” game. It repeats like hell (and even more so when you learn ghost triggers) and goes beyond the bug with a 10-20 minute setup period required for each session to make sure the mic is working. But still, I made some of my favorite multiplayer moments in my recent memory. It’s a horrifying experience to hear someone’s mic break in the middle of a scream and not know if the ghost killed them or if the electronics are down.

Best moment: Preparing for Brian’s hairspray

7. THPS 1 + 2

The crazy young people actually did it. After the absolute disaster of THPS5 and THPSHD, we finally got the remake that we deserve. THPS 1 + 2 does what a good remake should always do. That is, it overrides the original version of the game as a new and definitive way to play. They nailed these remakes by keeping the way they remember playing these games and including improvements from the titles after the series.

Best moment: Developers know exactly who their audience is, so see the infinite grind levels already pre-created for you

6. Hades

I’ve heard of Hades when he first dropped in Early Access, but he wasn’t very keen on Transistor and was full of roguelike games at the time, so I didn’t want to look into it. I chose the game at the time of its “release”, but I didn’t check out right away so I’m really kicking myself. A blend of visual novel / romance simulation elements and roguelike genres is almost easy because you enjoy actually dying while running. This is because you can talk to the residents of Hades more often. Every time I launch the game, I tell myself that I’ll probably only play for 30 minutes, then flash quickly and suddenly it’s 3am.

Best moment: Petting Cerberus

5. Ultra kill

I love baby boomer shooters, but ULTRA KILL isn’t. Pinch DOOM and spread Devil May Cry freely, making it one of the most creative first-person shooters of the last few years. With a roaring soundtrack, ULTRAKILL challenges you not only to kill hard, but to kill stylishly. With the combo system, you’ll always be impressed with the operations you can chain. One thing you know you can parry an enemy bullet is, but when you realize that you can parry your bullet when you fire your bullet, it’s a completely different thing. Currently only the first act has been released, but we are looking forward to the release of the next two acts.

Best moment: 1v1 Mirror Match Boss Battle

4. Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker punches were as tired as Ubisoft was waiting to sit down and make an Assassin’s Creed game in feudal Japan, so they went ahead and did it. As a big fan of Samurai films, Ghost of Tsushima has incorporated elements I like in this genre to create an absolutely beautiful world to play with. Some of the visuals I always had on the floor were running on the PS4. Step into a Mongolian base and talk about shit, then instakill a handful of champs like John Wick in the samurai. On top of that, with a fun Halloween co-op extension, you got the hell of a package.

Best moment: Spend time in photo mode

3. DOOM Eternal

There are two villains in the game, the Nazis and the devil, who always make childish delight illegal when slaughtered ruthlessly. Building on the foundation of the glorious 2016 game, DOOM Eternal bounces from level to level and cranks everything over 11 as it rips and tears everything. New mobility options will already help speed up breakneck games. Weapon options require each combat arena to be treated as a puzzle (although you can) rather than unknowingly holding down the trigger button. It’s easily the best shooter in a few years, but if never before, it’s a hill where I die happily.

Best moment: Pure euphoria after finishing some of those slayer gates in your first line

2. Deep Rock Galactic

Rock and stone brothers! Deep Rock Galactic is my biggest surprise this year. I dropped dozens of hours on it and captured as many clips of memorable moments, and overall had some of the best collaborative experiences of my life in games I didn’t notice It came out until a friend brought it up. Taking a page from the Starship Troopers, Deep Rock Galactic throws you and three other dwarves deep into the bug-infested planet, giving you more valuable resources than the species inhabited by corporate overlords. Mining Just don’t think about it and throw another beer back at the bar so your mind doesn’t realize that you might actually be a bad guy in this situation.

Best moment: Stop the relentless wave of bugs, and when the hype music begins, poke your neck deep into the hole with your dwarven brothers.

1. Yakuza: Like a dragon

How does the studio take a deep franchise of 7 games and not only soft reboot with a completely different protagonist, but also significantly change the combat system without missing one step? Like A Dragon tends to be the peak of the yakuza and is a perfect mix of the series’ signature stupid Shenanigan and serious crime drama. Ichi is worthy of Kiryu’s successor, and honestly one of my favorite protagonists, and his healthy outlook on life is now a coveted existence. If you’ve never stepped into the Yakuza series, there really isn’t a good time to get started.

Best moment: Whenever they bring up Dragon Quest and wonder why Square Enix didn’t come after them

Diego’s Top Games of 2020

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