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Dietmar Hamann argues that Kingsley Coman would be a perfect addition if Liverpool wants to buy a new winger at some point.

The Frenchman, who won the Champions League final this year, defeated it in Bayern Munich this season and is also doing business in Europe.

Haman thinks that if Mohamed Salah looks for a new meadow, the 24-year-old might be an idea-hope it obviously won’t happen soon-and wouldn’t think so.

“Two of the best wings in the world [Serge] Gnabry and Kingsley Coman in Arsenal-he is currently in a riot, “he said. Stadium astro.

“Do they want to leave Bayern Munich? I don’t think so, but you don’t know.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted to interview Sarah or go to Spain. If he wants to leave, Barcelona and Madrid will be interested.

“If the player wants to leave, you have to let him go. If he has a desire to leave, it’s probably he will do so in the summer.

“Germany and France have great talent. I think they have a list.

“For me, the best wing at the moment is Kingsley Coman.

“He had an injury problem when he came to Munich, but he got well in the Champions League final and won the winner.

“He has both feet, is quick, very smart, makes good decisions, and the finish is greatly improved.

“Coman is a player. Bayern Munich is not interested in losing him, he is happy.

“If Sara moves, if he wants to move, it’s very likely that it has a knock-on effect. Liverpool will have to buy someone. Whoever they sign, that team Need to buy a replacement. Things will happen soon. “

Imagine Koman being on a list of potentially elite signatures, including Serge Gnabry, Jadon Sancho, and all of them, like the most ambitious Kylian Mbappe.

As I always say at EOTK, I want to win more trophies before exchanging trophies on the current front line.

Diogo Jota was a great addition this summer has passed – and will allow Jurgen Klopp to spin much easier when he returns to fitness.

The Portuguese national team scored nine times before being injured and scored two more times this season than Sadio Mané.

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Dietmar Hamann hype from Kingsley Coman to Liverpool Dietmar Hamann hype from Kingsley Coman to Liverpool

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