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Digital Health Monitoring Creates $ 245 Billion Investment Opportunities

As the Wall Street Journal points out, millions of people have turned to digital health solutions these days. Some have been reported to help manage diabetes, improve sleep, monitor heart health, promote weight loss, and track whether patients are sticking to their regimen. In fact, after fear of health, governments and healthcare systems around the world have been able to play a role in providing higher quality, easily accessible and affordable care for digital health, in addition to digital health. I’m starting to realize how important it has become. Forbes.It’s a place like a company AI / ML innovation (CSE: AIML) (OTC: AIMLF) and its subsidiary Health Gauge are leading digital health solution providers and may be able to assist.

Currently, Health Gauge has partnered with ST Innovations at the University of Alberta to support the validation of neural network datasets and support the Health Gauge FDA510k and Health Canada Class 2 medical device approval process. In addition to AI / ML innovation, other top companies to watch include: PharmaTher Holdings Ltd. (CSE: PHRM) (OTC: PHRRF), Apyx Medical Corporation (NASDAQ: APYX), Empower Clinic Co., Ltd. (CSE: CBDT) (OTC: EPWCF), and Reliq Health Technologies Inc. (TSXV: RHT) (OTC: RQHTF).

AI / ML health gauges one step closer to FDA510k medical device clearance

AI / ML Innovations Inc. (CSE: AIML) (OTCQB: AIMLF) is working to acquire and advance artificial intelligence / machine learning technology to meet urgent social needs, and its subsidiary Health Gauge has partnered. I announced that I am. The University of Alberta’s ST innovations in validating neural network datasets support Health Gauge’s FDA510k and Health Canada certification processes as Class 2 medical devices. In addition, this collaboration improves the overall accuracy of Health Gauge’s latest wearable device (smartwatch), The Phoenix’s blood pressure (BP), O2, and other predictive data related to patient physiological information. Designed to help you optimize.

The ST Innovations workflow process is designed to enhance the Health Gauge dataset for artificial intelligence training by monitoring a large number of research volunteers. The main purpose of this study is to validate Phoenix against traditional methods of collecting blood pressure (cuff) data. , Photoplethysmography (PPG), spO2, heart rate using a single-reed ECG, and whole body temperature using an ear thermometer.

“This is an important task in that it helps us create more robust and intuitive products,” said Randy Duguay, CEO of Health Gauge. “Because there is a direct correlation between increasing the number of datasets and improving product accuracy, aggregated datasets are the foundation of the AI ​​/ ML platform, benefiting HG Phoenix customers and their health status. Increases the potential for improvement. Results. “

ST Innovations, the business unit of the University of Alberta’s SMART Network, is Alberta’s leading R & D services organization, connecting entrepreneurs and world-class researchers to support the latest innovations and R & D. ST Innovations combines state-of-the-art research networks, specialized equipment and market insights to provide customized services that identify and remove barriers to the health innovation development process, providing innovative health ideas at every stage. A Health Technology Development Center focused on accelerating.

Other related developments from around the market are:

PharmaTher Holdings Ltd., Clinical stage psychedelic biotechnology companies Request for a pre-clinical new drug conference KETABET ™ clinical development and with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to support Phase II clinical trials proposed as potential next-generation treatments for depression and discuss our patented product development plans. Complete the pre-IND briefing package. Hydrogel forming microneedle patch delivery technology.

Apyx Medical Corporation, The developers of Helium Plasma Technology, a manufacturer of medical devices and consumables, marketed as Renuvion® in the cosmetic surgery market and J-Plasma® in the hospital surgery market, announced today. 510 (k) Submitted pre-marketing notice The US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) aims to obtain specific clinical indications for the use of Renuvion in skin resurfacing procedures. “We are pleased to submit a 510 (k) premarket notice for this procedure category on May 28, following the recent completion of a USIDE clinical trial evaluating the use of Renuvion technology in skin resurfacing procedures,” said President and President. Charlie Goodwin says. Chief executive officer. “This submission is an important milestone in emphasizing continued progress in pursuing specific clinical indications for marketing and marketing Renubion for targeted procedures in the cosmetic surgery market. We thank our clinical and regulatory team for their extraordinary efforts that have enabled our recent progress and look forward to an FDA review of our submissions. “

Empower Clinic Co., Ltd. Announced 6 Letter of Intent (LOI) signatures Established REXALL / PHARMA PLUS PHARMACIES LTD, Canada’s second largest pharmacy group, and a medical healthcare center. Empower is proposed to act as a sub-tenant in these first six locations and build and operate a healthcare center as a key driver of Empower’s national clinic expansion strategy. Services include complete primary care led by a physician, as well as paramedical services by practitioners who provide services such as chiropractic care and physiotherapy. Beneficiaries of these services include a large existing customer base of pharmacies, as well as patients in a wider community where each location serves.

Reliq Health Technologies Inc., A fast-growing global telemedicine company developing innovative virtual care solutions for the multi-billion dollar healthcare market Onboarding resumed Rural Health Clinics and Federal Qualified Health Center are now available thanks to the significant reduction in COVID numbers in the United States.

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Digital Health Monitoring Creates $ 245 Billion Investment Opportunities Digital Health Monitoring Creates $ 245 Billion Investment Opportunities

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