Digital Sun’s Awesome Moonlighter is coming to mobile this week (but Android players have to wait)

The acclaimed action RPG Moonlighter will be available on mobile on November 19th from Digital Sun and publisher’s 11-bit studio. This is this week if you’re not an avid calendar follower.

Unfortunately for you and me, it hasn’t come to Android yet. The good news is that “Android is planned for release,” according to the person who runs the Digital Sun Twitter account. I don’t know when.

Released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 before jumping to Switch, Moonlighter is a gorgeous take on the Stardew Valley formula. Run a store during the day, explore a series of dungeons at night, kill monsters, collect loot and return to business.

In addition to running your own store, you can improve the surrounding towns. You can also spend your days making weapons, armor, and other items to improve your odds in the dungeon that night in a perfect virtuous circle. Moonlighter strikes a terrifyingly addictive balance between action RPG hygiene and town buildings.

The mobile port, on the other hand, is lovingly optimized for small touch screens. The battle is automatic, but swipe to move. All existing DLC ​​will be included in the $ 11.99 cover price on the App Store.

If you have an iOS device, you can play it on the 19th. In other cases, please look forward to it.

Digital Sun’s Awesome Moonlighter is Coming to Mobile This Week (But Android Players Will Have to Wait)

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