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Din Thomas I want to break the stigma surrounding the subject of male depression in the world of mixed martial arts.

The respected veteran has won 26 battles in his MMA career from 1998 to 2013. In the process, when fighters encounter life’s struggles, they realize that they are not always dealt with in the healthiest way.

“People enter the fight business with problems, but they don’t always deal with them,” Thomas told MMA Junkie. “When you’re fighting, it’s like your masculinity is on every line. So people don’t want to say when they need help. They think it’s soft. And It made a difference. “

So when 44-year-old Thomas, who had been cycling for the past year, wanted to set his own goals, he decided to ponder and find the cause.

“As an athlete, you are always looking for the next thing and the next challenge,” said Thomas. “So when I started riding, I started thinking,” I want to bike across Florida. ” You start thinking about such things, then work towards it and try to make it happen. “

After a century (100 miles) of riding, Thomas decided it was time to try a ride across Florida and found his cause. Heads-up guyA foundation run by the University of British Columbia, which works to manage and prevent depression in men.

Thomas departed on New Year’s Friday, chosen to be the anniversary of his mother’s death, and walked about 210 miles from Titusville on the Atlantic coast of Florida to Clearwater on the west coast.

With the exception of occasional wrong turns and some killer gusts on the second day, Thomas reports that cycling went smoothly.

“It was great, man,” said Thomas. “It was awesome. It’s mainly on the trails and we got lost a few times but it’s okay. On the second day the wind was legal and even when we wanted to get off the bike and walk There was, but it was like “I’m here”.

Thomas has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for Heads Up Guys. You can go here and make a donation.

He also wants consciousness to emerge from his efforts.

“Many people haven’t solved the problem after the day of the battle. For some, it gets worse when the outlet is gone,” said Thomas. “I’ve been there myself. What I want people to know is that if you’re having a hard time, you can get help. Don’t give up.”

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Din Thomas Bicycles Florida for Charity Din Thomas Bicycles Florida for Charity

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