DIRT 5 gets the first PS5 gameplay, technical director says DualSense is an “industry game changer”

Codemasters has finally released a PS5 video of the amazing racer DIRT5. So far, I’ve seen many of the games running on consoles of the current generation and some footage of the Xbox Series X | S, but they’re covered today. For actual PS5 gameplay prior to the PS5 release of DIRT5 on November 12th and 19th.

In this video, players from an overview of the game running on PS5 hardware, how the Codemasters team prepared for the first next-generation release, and exclusive features enabled by the DualSense controller. Provides insight into what you can expect.

David Springate, Technical Director of DIRT5, said: , This is an industry game changer. “

DIRT 5 is currently available on current generation consoles and PCs, will be available on Xbox Series X | S from November 10th, and PS5 versions will be released on November 12th and 19th. ..

I was given the opportunity to play DIRT 5 for review work and enjoyed it altogether. It’s a little taste of the next generation, especially on the PS4 Pro.

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DIRT 5 Gets First PS5 Gameplay, Tech Director Says DualSense is an “Industry Gamechanger”

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