DIRT 5 patch 1.04 fixes screen tearing and saving failures.Read the patch notes here

DIRT 5 is one of the few games that is trying to convince us that the PlayStation 5 is the next generation console we currently own. But just as Sony might have wanted a smooth experience from the powerful series of Codemasters, it threw a tiny tantrum. Fortunately, the development team is working hard behind the scenes to get things right. And patch 1.04 is the latest attempt to do just that.

It couldn’t even come at a better time, as it was a really nasty bug that was ruining the overall experience and convenience that this new console offers.

The screen rift was the first complaint that made the headline. Something no one really expected to enter this weekend. But it did make its presence known on many television screens. This has been fixed using something called V-Sync, but I need to see if it’s completely successful. Second, there was a save issue where the pre-patch save file could not be read. And a naughty coloring editor that started crashing the game. Not to mention the usual problems that occur in the lobby when matchmaking algorithms try to find you a competitor.

But one of the biggest complaints fans had with DIRT 5 was one of those trophies. Specifically, it requires what many consider to be the number of miles they cannot drive. To be exact, 10,000 miles. This has now been reduced to a more achievable 1,000 miles. This isn’t something I’m proud of …

Anyway, the 1.7GB patch is now available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with the following changes:

  • Further optimize general gameplay by reducing multiple general performance improvements overall, crashes, gameplay stutters, reduced instances of FPS
  • PS4: Resolves an issue caused by saved data created before a previous patch. For example, the progress disappears when the game restarts, or it crashes when using the color editor.
  • PS5: Further improved use of DualSense adaptive triggers
  • PS4 / PS5: V-Sync has been added
  • Fixed a crash caused by signing out during a Gymkhana event
  • Visual improvement in the effect of rain on the windshield when using the internal camera view
  • Show reward screen modifications in post-race menu
  • Photo mode: Minor fixes and optimizations
  • Multiplayer: Kickplayer improvements in lobbies not ready for the event
  • Multiplayer: General improvements in online matchmaking and lobby search
  • Trophy “Would you like to spare some changes for gas?” Players must race at 1,000 miles instead of 10,000 miles

Source: DIRT game site

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DIRT 5 Patch 1.04 Fixes Screen Tearing and Save Fails, Read the Patch Notes Here

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