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Dirt 5 is a very different game from the previous three entries in the Codemasters off-road racing series. Dirt Rally and its sequels spun off the series in a simulation-based direction, appealing to rally purists with its genuine approach, uncompromising difficulty, and steep learning curves. DiRT 4 followed with another smattering in a point-to-point rally race, but introduced a more forgiving handling model to give casual racing enthusiasts access to the experience. As the third Dirt Rally is already under development, Codemasters seeks to diversify the series’ mainline entries by returning to Dirt’s early arcade spectacle and history with Dirt 5.

This is obvious from the beginning, as Dirt 5 is trapped in the same hilarious festive atmosphere that pervades Dirt 2. It features a customizable strap, bright colors and a bright soundtrack. In Career Mode, you’ll embark on a world-wide adventure that covers a variety of racing disciplines, but there’s no sign of a co-driver relaying pacenotes, and there’s no traditional point-to-point rally event. Dirt 5 sets itself away from the recent past of the series by being an embarrassing arcade racer consisting of short action-packed skirmishes that are constantly exchanging paint with packs of other drivers. It is totally infectious and is reflected in the handling model, which throws the car around the truck relatively easily.

Dirt 5 played on PC

Dirt 4 may have featured a driving school that offers lessons on how to perform weight transfer and pendulum shifts, but Dirt 5 eliminates that knowledge. Traveling through most corners is as easy as pulling the handbrake, tilting the car to the side, and slowing down each muddy turn before drifting. There is nothing more than that. It trades meaningful depth for friendliness that is too simple. Collisions are tamed, especially when combined with a wristless damage system, and physical models often throw strange things every time a car floats in the air. This isn’t enough to deprive the experience of fun, but there’s always a persistent feeling that the Dirt 5 isn’t taking full advantage of these vehicles. The roaring moment is weighed against other moments that are a bit dull due to its easy and non-irritating handling. As a result, numerous trucks and their diverse weather systems are becoming more important throughout the Dirt 5 carrier mode.

Drive through the hills and favela surrounding the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, drive through the picturesque fishing village of Henningsvaer against the northern lights, and drift the frozen East River under the Roosevelt Island Bridge in New York. I will. .. There are also excursions to China and its dense bamboo grove, races through the scorching Arizona desert, and dangerous visits to the Himalayas. The medley of this locale is essential not only from a visual point of view, but also with impressive range and exaggerated depictions, but also for the various surfaces and weather encountered during the trip.

When racing on gravel, mud, or soil, there is no recognizable effect on the handling of your car, and it’s an electric Audi AI, even when you’re sprinting a track on the iconic Subaru Impreza S4. This is true even when sitting behind the steering wheel: It looks like it should be in TRAILquattro–DeathStranding. The only outliers are heavy snow and ice, the latter of which has a dedicated event type, the icebreaker. Heavy snow will understeer your car as the tires get clogged with slashes, while the opposite happens on ice, where lack of traction makes the handbrake unnecessary. These surfaces require a change in approach and the addition of very necessary subtleties to the Dirt5 processing model.

It is also complemented by a weather system where the studio’s DNA is written throughout. Dirt 5 is the first game in a series not developed at Codemasters’ Southern headquarters. Instead, development work is entrusted to the company’s Cheshire studio, which previously flew under the banner of Evolution Studios and developed Motorstorm, Driveclub, and more recently Onrush. Extreme weather is a staple of these games, as is Dirt 5. Thunderstorms, heavy snowfalls, and torrents of rain all occur frequently when bouncing from one truck to another. It’s noisy and over-the-top, but it adds a white knuckle drama that hasn’t been seen in racing games since the MotorStorm Apocalypse.

In addition to being an eye candy, the weather can also affect the surface of the tracks. As it continues to snow, the snow gradually builds up with each lap, and the second half of the race is very different from the previous stage. Rain and snow can also obstruct your view during night races and you should use lights scattered around the track for guidance. By the end of most races, your car represents the busy canvas of your recent exploit, covering the elements and surface debris you were just passing through from wheel to wheel. It’s fun in nature, and it’s easy to forget to drag when fighting in the first place, as lightning strikes the night sky.

Bad weather on dirt 5
Bad weather on dirt 5


Even if it’s difficult to distinguish some of them, there are decent types of events offered. Ultracross offers circuit-based racing in classic cars such as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI and Ford RS200, as well as rally cars with the latest machines such as the Citroen C3 R5 and WRX Peugeot 208. Stampede, on the other hand, tests a large 4×4 suspension. The race is taking place on rugged terrain filled with undulating obstacles such as jumps and rocks and mud mountains. Dirt 5 introduces the American sprint car for the first time in the series. These ridiculously overwhelming machines are equipped with huge spoilers to prevent them from jumping into the stratosphere, and guiding around an oval truck is not as easy as it sounds.

If you don’t like a particular event type, Career Mode also emphasizes player selection and gives you the option to choose a branch path that focuses on the event you want to play. However, other than this, the carrier mode is fairly hollow. You can choose different sponsors that reward you with cosmetics like liveries and stickers, but that’s as far as it goes. A somewhat surprising inclusion of the story concludes his career as Nolan North and Troy Baker confront each other as rally drivers. The story is told through a short podcast hosted by Donut Media James Panfrey and Nolan Sykes, who can capture the tones of natural and reliable conversations. However, sitting on the event selection screen and listening to these sound bites comes up as a non-elegant way to tell a story. Your role is also trivial, and it concludes with an anti-climatic finale that wonders why this story is included.

Dirt 5 is a shy arcade racer made up of short, action-packed skirmishes that keeps us away from the series’ recent past.

Outside of Career mode, Playgrounds is a new feature in this series, offering Trackmania-like level creators and sharing tools that show some possibilities. To name just a few, we already have a compelling reproduction of the X Games truck and the necessary inclusion of Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. Hopefully there will be an audience testing the tool to eventually grow and build some compelling tracks. In addition to the usual number of online races, there are also many party games that can be played online or via split screen with up to four players. This marks the introduction of Vampire, a new variant of Dirt 3’s Outbreak mode. In this mode, it hits one player and tells the other player to infect.

It’s this comfort that helps distinguish Dirt Rally from hardcore simulations of Dirt Rally. Dividing the two different aspects of this series with such a bold line feels like a wise move on the Codemasters side. This allows Dirt Rally to move in a more authentic and uncompromising direction, allowing mainline entries to indulge in the arcade sensibilities of the series. The Dirt 5 doesn’t stick to landing altogether because of its simple handling model, but it’s still a lot of fun when racing door-to-door with excessive snowstorms or throwing the Porsche 911 R-GT to the side of the mountain. there is. An enthusiastic race to the bottom. It hasn’t reached the height of Dart 2, but Dart 5 has a strong influence from the game. If the series continues on this path, it won’t be long before it rises high again.

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