DIRT 5 wheel support coming soon in patch 2.00

Codemasters will add wheel support for DIRT 5 in a future 2.00 patch, along with adjustments and fixes based on community feedback.

A complete list of compatible wheels has not yet been revealed, but all modern Thrustmaster and Logitech wheels are fully supported. Basically, if the wheel works with a recent title currently released by Codemasters (eg GRID), the wheel should work fine.

For those who have Fanatec wheels, wheel selection is supported and will be added to the compatibility list in the coming weeks.

The team also mentions that the shifter and handbrake will work if they are connected to the wheel itself. I’ll post when a complete list of compatible wheels and devices becomes available.

DIRT 5 patch 2.00 also features more changes to online multiplayer, making it easier to find players and events. More online racing events are also planned, including multi-class racing.

Following feedback from the community, we also adjusted the handling of sprint cars to make them easier to understand. Carriers have a new option to select and play episodes of DIRT podcasts by Donut Media. James Panfrey and Nolan Sykes walk through the latest storyline featuring Alex’AJ’Janisek (Troy Baker) and Bruno. Durand (Nolan North).

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