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Disaster Response See NSW Truck Access Expansion

The need for consumables encourages network opening to more HPV

Tools and Barillaro before recent flood events

As the New South Wales government shifts to highway access to productive vehicles (HPVs) to speed up supply to areas affected by natural disasters, the need again becomes the mother of invention. It has become.

Regional Transport and Road Minister Paul Toole states that floods have had a significant impact on freight movement throughout the state, impeding operation along numerous rail lines and obstructing access through multiple north-south road corridors. ..

Therefore, many roads are only available for 26-meter B-double heavy vehicles, but the change will allow access to HPVs that meet Performance-based Standard (PBS) Level 2B of state-managed road networks.

“This means a safer and more modern vehicle with telematics up to 30 meters in length, which can carry up to 33 percent more than a 26 meter B-double.

New South Wales Moves to Border Closed Cargo Permit

John Barillaro, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Disaster Recovery, said the current priority is to have access to roads, a safe place for people to return, and to enable businesses to continue their business. Stated.

“The 2019/20 wildfire and subsequent cleanup and recovery efforts have taught us a lot. I have been working on wildfire recovery for the last 15 months, so I have that experience and those. We are leveraging our lessons to drive recovery following these extreme situations. Floods, “says Barillaro.

“Floods are affecting many of our rail lines and we are working to restore and operate them as soon as possible.

“For the time being, we are enabling safe and modern transportation vehicles to move essentials by road.”

A map of the roads open to performance-based standard Tier 1 Level 2B vehicles is available at the New South Wales Department of Transportation. Restricted access vehicle mapping site..

Access will be granted for some time, but you can provide road operators with permission to access the network instead of a specific route.

Operators can apply for access Allow via NHVR Access Portal..

For further flood response, conditional access to the M1 highway will be considered on modular B triple road trains up to 35 meters in length. Equipped with telematics and advanced safety technology, it moves more important goods along the north-south route, which is still heavily affected. With the recent rain.

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Disaster Response See NSW Truck Access Expansion Disaster Response See NSW Truck Access Expansion

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