Discord reportedly worth $ 7 billion

The online virtual network app Discord has raised another $ 100 million and achieved a valuation of $ 7 billion. This makes Discord theoretically more valuable than some game companies.
According to Techcrunch, after Discord doubled its user base from a year ago, Discord, an online app that allows friends to connect via voice calls and chat rooms, and includes integration with video game launchers such as Steam, is an investor’s Raised $ 100 million in funding.

This shows that investors are clearly considering Discord as a valuable company, and the value of the company is estimated to reach $ 7 billion. Compare this with the ratings of certain game developers like Bethesda, which Microsoft acquired for $ 7.5 billion.

However, the valuation is an estimate based on several financial factors and is intended to reflect the actual cost of the company. This rating may fluctuate based on changes in the market or company.
But the valuation acts as a great barometer, and Discord’s value is now comparable to Bethesda’s value, or even greater than studios like 2K ($ 3.22 billion) and Capcom ($ 3.44 billion). I am.

However, the upper level of game developers can reach as much as $ 80 billion, as in Nintendo. But companies like Ubisoft (~ $ 11 billion), EA (~ $ 22 billion), and Activision Blizzard (~ $ 30 billion) are worth more than Discord. And when compared to other enterprise apps, Discord is dwarfed compared to companies like Slack, which were acquired by Salesforce for $ 27.7 billion.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, apps like Discord that connect friends and users virtually online have become increasingly important. Originally sold as a tool for gamers, such as launching their own game store, Discord has moved significantly to a more versatile service for artists, communities, gamers and more.

In 2019, Discord closed its game store to focus on its core business.

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