Discovery Retrofit Starship Registry Number

“NCC-1701. There are no bloody A, B, C, D,” says tipsy captain Montgomery Scott in 1992. Star Trek: Next Generation The episode “Relic”, what exactly does he mean?And does it have anything to do with the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery Would you like to introduce an upgraded version of that nominal ship with a new spanking “A” added to the registry? Stay with us as we will learn a little more about the Starfleet style alphabet.

If you see Star Trek III: Exploring SpockWill remind you of the spectacular sight of USS Company After being set to self-destruct by the desperate Admiral Kirk, it exploded on the planet Genesis. And you may also remember the end of the next photo. Star Trek IV: Voyage HouseAs a reward for saving the Earth, the crew will be given a fresh spaceship at the factory. Once the ship is revealed, the camera switches to a close-up of the saucer, focusing on adding alphabetical order to the famous registration number (now the license plate equivalent of the spacecraft “NCC-1701-A”).

The history of how this happened is a bit vague, but most people Gene RoddenberryProposal that they grabbed the closest identical spacecraft — according to him, it was the USS Yorktown — And renamed it to distinguish it from the previous ship.Long time Trek designer Michael Okuda Made his franchise debut Star Trek IV: Voyage House The first time I heard the “A” registry number via Twitter DM was Star Trek IV.. Harve Bennett is said to have written the 23rd century part of the script (Nicholas Meyer was responsible for the 20th century segment).

Interestingly, while this was happening in Paramount’s film division, their television division was pre-produced in the first season of Star Trek: next generation, Set to another USS Company A century later.Originally they were their Company Same as NCC-1701-7, but Voyage house, Galaxy-Class ships ended with NCC-1701-D.Okuda went to work next generation rear Voyage house.. “Early notes Star Trek: The Next Generation Listed the ship as a spaceship Company-7 “, he says. “For a while it was Company-G. By the time I joined the production staff in February 1987, it was already Company-D. “

Interestingly, the series also introduces 1701-C in the beloved third season. TNG Episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”.

Throughout the franchise, this tradition is largely Company..movie Star Trek Generations And Star Trek: First Contact Introduction Company B and E, respectively Star Trek: Enterprise The episode “Azati Prime” first showed us the 26th century Company-J. Some ships have also been given incorrect registration.In Next generation Episode “Dark Resident”, Riker Names USS YamatoThe registry for is NCC-1305-E, but the number on the schematic and log for episode “Contagion” is NCC-70817. Similarly, USS Nash, As seen in some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The episode has a strange registration NCC-2010-5 in itself. But its sister ship, USS Genoran Appeared in the aforementioned episode “Relics” — there is a registration NCC-2010, but the only thing they have in common is that they have the same design, despite being vertically flipped.

The addition also occurred on the Kelvin timeline.later Company Destroyed by a ship of malicious Kral herds Star Trek BeyondA new ship will be built at Starbase in Yorktown using the well-known registry of NCC-1701-A.And back in the Prime Universe, things became even more muddy after the destruction of the USS. Defiant In Deep Space Nine Episode “The Changing Evil Face”.new Defiant-A ship of the class named USS Sao paulo But it replaced the iconic little craft: the registry remained NX-74205. DefiantFirst appearance in 1994. This was probably to reduce further design costs, especially like everything else. Star Trek show, Deep Space Nine It has a significant proportion of stock footage and CG assets.Then new Defiant Introduced in the penultimate episode of the show.

Let’s take a look Discovery.. After arriving in the 32nd century and agreeing to carry out an important mission for the current iteration of the Starfleet, she has evolved in 900 years since then with upgrades to speed up her technology. Given. The two biggest issues are the inclusion of the warp nacelle, which is now detached from the hull, all federal ships around 3189, and the programmable matter, a material made of nanoparticles that can be molded into anything from the ship. Bed control, all adapted to a particular user.

However, Discovery Not only was it painted new, but the overall aesthetic overhaul was done to make it look like a brand new ship. The balls in the central saucer were flattened and smoothed, the secondary hull looked like full armor, the nacelle looked brand new, and the color changed, so I had considered renaming the USS. I wonder if there is. Tron Legacy.. And this is interesting that she currently has a registered NCC-1031-A. A big change has changed, but she is on the surface the same spaceship, Company Repaired in 1979 Star Trek: Movie.. The ship is a new upgrade from the original 1966-69 TV series. Company Similar changes have been made, from brand new warp nacelles and brand new engines to line reshaping and pearly paint work. But her registration? It remains NCC-1701 until she is destroyed, after which the 1701-A registry mentioned above becomes available on brand new ships.

But, as one pointed Balkan said, there are always possibilities, one of which is security.In the dilithium crisis, as explained in this season Discovery Given the volume of ships carried, the Commonwealth may not want the news that centuries-old ships are now in service with large amounts of coal in the firebox. Therefore, Discovery-A has no past relevance to the previous NCC-1031 and can present itself as a brand new ship.Saying that, given the lack of continuity Discovery Shown in any previous iteration Star Trek, It may just be that they wanted to do it, history is terrible.

Of course, her name and register have nothing to do with her future misuse, and she keeps going boldly wherever the commander wants.limit Discovery She can be A, B, C, or 7, as she continues to improve the quality of the franchise as in the past few months. It does not matter. End the log.

Discovery Retrofit Starship Registry Number

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