Disgaea 6 Details and Screenshots-Characters, Special Skills and Evil, Juice Bar, D Merit Points

Nippon Ichi Software has released a new round of details and screenshots of Disgaea 6. In today’s update, we’ll cover the different characters in the game, special skills and evil, juice bars, and D merit points.

This is a complete summary, courtesy Gematsu:



– Princess dreaming of wonderful love
– She expects her to be happy ever since
– She loves to sing and always tries to sing when she gets the chance

Nijino Piyori

– Rainbow Sentai Prism Ranger Leader
– Our hero beyond dimensions
– As the first female leader of the squadron, her goal is to restore their reputation


Musical world

– A world of music with a lovely flower garden
– The princess, who has been hoping for her happily ever since, seems to be waiting for her prince

The world of television

– The world of TV shows
– The second generation of Hero Prism Red seems to play an active role here

Skill Shop: Special Skills and Evil

– “Evil” is a character-specific ability that remains valid as long as certain conditions are met.
– There are two types of evil: “unique evil” that is unique to the character and “common evil” that can be replaced.
– You can equip as many common evils as your maximum cost allows, so replace them depending on your playstyle.
– “Special skills” consist of various skills such as attack and recovery that require SP to be spent in combat.
– Special skills include character-specific skills that can only be used by specific characters and magic that anyone can use.
– Examples of special skill spells: “Fire”: The first stage of fire-type magic that can deal damage with the power of fire. Special skills can be upgraded in the skill shop (higher power, lower SP cost, etc.). The same applies to the range of magic-only skills.
– Common Evility example: “Fire Body”: Increases fire resistance by 25% and enhances fire attacks.This is a low cost Common Evility that anyone can learn
– Common Evility example: “Zombie Revival”: Revives the base panel character after death. Can only be used once per stage.Only Zed is a common ability that can be learned naturally, but other characters can learn it by creating a secret book in the skill shop.
– Learn and enhance special skills and evils in the base skills shop
– Some common abilities can only be learned naturally by certain characters, while others can learn those abilities by creating a secret book at the skill shop.

Character-specific special skills and evil

Zedd’s special skills and evil

– Unique Evility: “Super Reincarnation Qualified”: Increases damage by +1% for each Super Reincarnation (up to 200% increase)
– Common Evility: “Zombie Revival”: Resurrected on the base panel after death (can only be used once per stage)
– Special skill: “Thunder Rush”: A wind-type special skill that creates lightning bolts and knocks back enemies.Knockback effect pushes back attacked enemies

Magilene’s special skills and evil

– Unique Abilities: “Magical Girl”: Equipping staff increases the attack power of a single target by 50%.
– Common Evility: “Lamp of Life”: If you don’t have enough SP to use your special skill, you can use HP instead.
– Special Skill: “Pretty Spldner”: Magical Girl Magilene arrives and enhances all stats for 3 turns.

Chusendol’s special skills and evil

– Unique Ability: “New Money King” – Increases all statistics by 5% against the total number of digits that make up the money you own.
– Common Evility: “King’s Knowledge”: Increases all stats of each unit on the same team by 2%
– Special Skill: “King Cannon”: A special skill that shoots and crushes gold bars at enemies.Has a long range to reach distant enemies

Melodia’s special skills and evil

– Unique Ability: “Hero In Spirit”: Increases damage dealt by friendly male characters on the map by 20%
– Common Effectiveness: “Magic Step”: Reduces the SP cost of special skills by 10% for each adjacent friendly unit.
– Special skill: “Ana and the Snow Queen” – A water-type special skill that attacks enemies while singing and dancing.You can attack multiple spaces in front of you

Piyori’s special skills and evil

– Unique Evility: “Hero Knowledge”: For every 1% decrease in HP, the damage dealt increases by 2%.
– Common Evility: “Critical Charge”: Increases the critical rate by 5% for each space moved that turn.
– Special Skill: “Prism Dynamite”: A special skill that allows her to become 5 Prism Rangers and bomb enemies.Attack all enemies in front of you at once

Ivar’s special skills and evil

– Unique Ability: “Overlord Domination”: Increases damage by 10% for each enemy unit on the map below the level
– Common Evility: “Absolute Ruler”: All stats are increased by 20% for each friendly demon unit on the map.
– Special Skill: “Negative Burst”: An overload special skill that condenses and explodes despair.You can attack some targets in some space in front of you

New system: juice bar

– At the Juice Bar, you can distribute experience points to allies who did not participate in the battle.
– You can also distribute the “mana” required to use the various basic facilities and the “extract” to increase the statistics.

New system: D merit point

– “D-Merit Points” has been added to the character stats
– By achieving predetermined goals, you can acquire karma and strengthen your character.

New generic character

Malicious eyes

– A cow-shaped demon with a habit of looking down
– Many are timid, but are beaten when approaching carelessness
– They attack with very high jumping power and fists

Shell with claws

– Gentleman with a nice seashell
– They overwhelm the enemy with their hard shell and power
– Due to its large size, it is high performance and can easily interfere with the movement of enemies.

Returns common characters


– Netherworld Peon Demon.Destined to explode when thrown
– They are sometimes even the protagonists of the game


– A living corpse resurrected from the grave
– They eat the lives of others to gain vitality
– Their offensive and defensive power is high, strengthening them in direct battle

Sea Angel

– A shy demon lurking in the water
– Can improve the abilities of all allies
– Has high stamina and specializes in supporting peers at the forefront


– The strongest class demon in the Netherworld that dominates the sky
– Amplifies power by withstanding attacks
– Due to its large size, it is high performance and can easily interfere with the movement of enemies.


– A beautiful female devil who seduces men
– They play with the hearts of men and weaken them
– They can do almost anything, so use them to exploit the weaknesses of the enemy


– Knight with devil’s pride
– Their research armor reduces physical damage
– Due to its large size, it is high performance and can easily interfere with the movement of enemies.

Winged warrior

– Deceptive demons
– Those scales accelerate the exacerbation of symptoms
– Highly maneuverable, put in a pioneer to weaken your enemies

Disgaea 6 will be available for Switch in Japan on January 28, 2021. The western release was confirmed in the summer of 2021.

Disgaea 6 details and screenshots – characters, Special Skills and Evilities, Juice Bar, and D-Merit Points

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