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Buffalo Sabers GM Kevin Adams said a moody star Jack Eiker I haven’t requested a deal yet Eikel controversial press conference On Monday, he openly asked if he would play in Buffalo next season.

Adams said the Sabers, who finished last place in the NHL this season, need to be willing to consider “every scenario” to help improve the franchise.After Aikel Sam line heart -The team’s top scorer who said he didn’t want another rebuild in Buffalo-Adams said he wanted a player whose team was committed to the franchise.

“Are you part of the solution? Want to be here? Want to be part of something great? Are you proud of this fan base? Or isn’t it? And the answer is” No. “If so, then we make those decisions,” said Adams, who had just finished his first season as general manager of the team.

Eiker said he felt “cut” from the Sabers after not allowing the team to undergo experimental surgery for a herniated disc in the neck. Combined with the six seasons in Buffalo without playing in the playoffs, the team captain’s frustration seems to have boiled.

“Sometimes it was hard. Now the most important thing for me is just trying to be healthy. [and] Next year we will come up with a way to make hockey play everywhere. ” Aikel, who has a complete ban on movement, signed throughout the 2025-26 season and starting next season and beyond, said.

As far as the “break” between the two camps is concerned, Adams said after Aikel was injured in the match on March 7. New York IslandersAn MRI by a team doctor revealed a herniated disc in the neck and suggested a “conservative care” method of rehabilitation of the injury in the hope of returning to play this season. Shortly thereafter, Eiker asked about a second opinion and the organization supported the investigation.

However, Adams said all “doctors and specialists” agreed with a “conservative rehab approach” rather than surgery. “Usually in this situation there is a conservative rehab approach that allows you to avoid surgery and get back to the top of the game to perform, and we’re still in that window. It’s a 12-week mark. From the end of May to the beginning of June. ” “What Jack’s camp talked about could be surgery that the NHL player had never done before, and our doctors weren’t happy with it.”

Reportedly, the procedure Eikel was looking for was a neck disc replacement. Adams played for the NHL for 10 seasons. As a player or executive, he said he would postpone what experts were saying about the right drug path to wellness.

“I haven’t read MRI. I’ll listen to the experts, and all these acclaimed medical professionals agree that conservative care is the way to go here. It’s important for everyone to understand. It’s not just Sabers doctors. It’s a second opinion. The opinions we’re participating in. “

The Sabers are entering an off-season of important decisions. Beyond the future of star players, they also need to determine if interim coach Don Granato has won a full-time job. Adams said Buffalo would interview other candidates for the job.

Team joins New York Rangers, Arizona Coyote, Columbus Blue Jackets Expansion of Seattle Kraken in the coaching market.

After the Adams press conference on Wednesday, it was still unclear if Aikel would be on the roster when the new head coach took over.

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Disgruntled Buffalo Sabers star Jack Eikel hasn’t requested a deal, says GM Kevin Adams Disgruntled Buffalo Sabers star Jack Eikel hasn’t requested a deal, says GM Kevin Adams

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