Disney Parks changes allow for gender-neutral costumes and visible tattoos

Disney has announced that it will take a more comprehensive approach to staffing in the park and change the rules to allow gender fluidity and tattoos.

Disney Parks is taking a step forward where inclusiveness concerns. Disney has often struggled to evolve with its fan base.More comprehensive movies such as Moana And Princess and the Frog Released later Corporate history as an entertainment giant.. The same is true for experience branches, such as multiple theme parks and attractions.

Disney has long been lagging behind when it comes to diversity and inclusion. As for Disney Park, when Disneyland first opened in the 1950s, cast members were banned from having facial hair, even if Walt Disney had facial hair. This did not change until 2000, when mustaches were allowed, and until 2012, when beards were finally allowed. Walt Disney’s long-standing understanding of Disney’s core values, dubbed “The Four Keys of Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency,” is commendable. But it’s not the most diverse focus.. Disney is known as a more traditional company in all respects, including the restrictions adopted in movies, series and parks, and hesitates to evolve with the progressive times.

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But it’s starting to change: deadlineAnnounced by Josh Damaro (Disney Parks Experience and Products Chairman) What Disney Parks is trying to add a “fifth key” to their tradition: inclusion. This change includes gender-based fluid options such as costumes, hairstyles and accessories. In addition, Disney Parks will allow members to make visible tattoos (as long as it is appropriate, of course).

“We are also considering other traditions, such as policies that guide cast members in their work. Our new approach surrounds the choice of hairstyles, jewelry, nail styles and costumes, including gender. It provides greater flexibility in the form of personal expression. Allows proper visible tattoos. Not only does it maintain relevance in today’s workplace, but cast members also have workplace culture and We are updating it so that we can better express our individuality. “

Disney too Reassess their appeal to be more diverse Inclusive and more systematic Changes such as including diverse companies in the supply chain and increasing diversity Through the Disney Dreamers Academy Mentorship Program.

Damaro cites many reasons for making these changes. The main reason is to allow cast members to express their personality and different cultures and backgrounds. The idea is that more cast members can express themselves, whether from the communities they participate in or their self-expression. Disney Park as a cozy space Connect more deeply with Disney fans and park guests.

The park was closed due to a pandemic, but families and Disney fans want to come back. Many fans are pleased to know that the next time they visit, they will be able to see more of themselves, both cast members and attractions, and feel that they can also be part of the magic. Let’s do it. Disney as a larger brand is still a long way off, but it is clear that it is trying to advance its progressive inclusiveness to keep up with the rapidly changing attitudes of today’s society. Disneyland End the pandemic closure More than a year on April 30th when it reopens its doors.

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Disney Parks changes allow for gender-neutral costumes and visible tattoos

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