Disneyland is closed, but you can buy Marvel Avengers Campus merchandise right away

The opening of Disneyland’s Avengers Campus has been delayed due to COVID-19, but if part of the park is needed before it opens, Disney will have the opportunity to purchase the first product, even as a park, prior to the debut of the land. Offers itself closed!

Spider bots that fight robot spiders will be available for purchase at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney in the World of Disney and Disneyland Resort Backlot Premier Shops starting December 4. You can also use products with the theme of the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB) area. Park. In the park story, the WEB is an organization started by Tony Stark designed to showcase the work of promising young scientists. It is also the location of WEB-Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, the central Spider-Man ride on the land.

Spiderbots are featured in the story of Ride, where Spider-Man offers guests a tour of the facility before the Spiderbot is unleashed. The guest then gets into the car to help involve the chaotic robot. Spider bot toys are designed to fight each other. The preview event revealed a variety of customization options designed around other Marvel heroes, but the default options are Spider-Man’s own clear red and blue. For more information, see the Disney Parks blog post.

If you can’t wait to own a Spider Bot and you happen to have an annual pass, you can book a limited pre-sale event in the Downtown Disney District from November 30th to December 3rd. There is no new opening date for Avengers Campus yet. Disneyland itself is closed indefinitely due to coronavirus restrictions.

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