Dissecting the ridiculousness of Resident Evil Village

Zack thinks Duke is the best character, but two out of three disagree.

Zack thinks Duke is the best character, but two out of three disagree.
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Resident Evil Village That’s all the Kotaku staff has been talking about since its launch. There was a lot of discussion between the plot twist, Hand Gore, and Thor Lady Sirst, so staff editor Lisa Marie Segara, weekend editor Zack Zweizen, and staff writer Ian Walker got together for a spoiler chat. Did.

Zack Zweizen: Hello, this is Ian and Lisa Marie!I finished playing with everyone Resident Evil Village We got together and talked about it. And be aware that anyone reading this is talking about everything. Therefore, consider this a serious spoiler warning. If you haven’t completed the game yet and are interested in its content, stop reading … now!

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Zack: Ian You reviewed! And do you think we’re all longtime fans of this series? correct?

Lisa Marie Segara: correct!

Ian Walker: Yeah, sure. I’m sure I’ve reviewed it.

Zack: These are difficult to remember. But yes, we are all franchise fans. So why not discuss how you feel about this game in the rest of the series.Personally, I’m a fan of this new era Resident Evil. If possible, first-person shooter era. But I know that some people don’t get that hot.

Ian: the same!I really liked both Resident Evil 7 And villageI like Capcom shaking things every few installments, giving fans the cohesion of these weird little arcing developments before they come up with new ideas.

Lisa Marie: I really like the series that made me feel fresh. It’s easy for a franchise to feel it’s over.

Ian: completely.

Zack: Yup. I agree with both of you. FPS games are very … different!But impressively, I’m still Resident Evil game.

Let’s go village It will also significantly improve its foundation 7 Was placed. More enemies. More weapons. A big world to explore. A cool merchant who talks and stuffs. Everything is good.

Ian: So they have different emotions, right? Resident Evil 7 Aimed to go back to its roots, explore this one complex territory, and adjust things in terms of enemy diversity and more. It was a very cohesive atmosphere from the beginning to the end and it was a lot of fun. Resident Evil Village As Capcom said, “So how can I incorporate it and add the twist twist twist twists and turns of Resident Evil 4?” For better or for worse.

Lisa Marie: I liked the world of village But. Especially, it was a lot of fun to explore while connecting the history of this area.

Zack: Yup. It was a very nice atmosphere. And as a big fan of Resident Evil 4, this game felt like a modern remake of that classic game. But now you don’t have to escort anyone all the time.

Ian: Oops, Resident Evil 4. I know I’m talking about the village, but Resident Evil 4.

Zack: Okay, and to clarify that we mentioned that spoilers would be part of this, I’m glad Ethan is dead. He didn’t add much to this series.

Ian: Wow, you’re jumping right now.

Lisa Marie: Ethan is terribly boring.

Ian: I like Ethan!

Zack: interesting!

Lisa Marie: why?

To be clear, it’s not Ethan who writes for us, right?

Ian: He also!

Lisa Marie: Do you like Ethan’s characters? Really?

Zack: I don’t hate him. He just doesn’t stand out to me. I like how ordinary he is.

Lisa Marie: the same.

Ian: I talked a bit about this in the review, but I like the general protagonist again.All other heroes before Resident Evil The game is built into these mythical, almost psychic figures. Ethan’s malaise in the whole process of fighting monsters is very sympathetic and interesting.Like when visiting the Heisenberg factory villageThere are several moments when he thought, “Oh my god, is there anything else ?!” When I was thinking about exactly the same thing.

And a good dad! I know there are too many dads in games these days, but he’s a good dad!

Zack: That’s a perfectly correct point!

Lisa Marie: He made a fun comment! As always, the game gave us knowledge about the family and he just said, “I don’t care. Shut up and give me my daughter.”

Zack: It’s nice to have a character who is neither a policeman nor a random soldier. I’m around the corner at Ethan. He’s okay It’s a pity that I died last.

Ian: It was easy!

Zack: And about the consequences … do you think his daughter will be a protag in the future? Resident Evil game? It seems to imply that. Or an enemy !?

Lisa Marie: But what do you think he looks like?

Zack: Good, boring guy.

Ian: Griffin McKelroy

Lisa Marie: I kept drawing him as a father heavy rain.

Ian: Ohno. Press X for rosemary.

Zack: They both suffer from hand trauma

Lisa Marie: They really are!

Zack: Is it strange to miss all the ridiculous things about the character’s cameo appearances and umbrellas? There were many others in this game, but Ada or Leon is ready to reappear! Ian points out that Capcom is away from such with these new games. I understand that.But lonely

Lisa Marie: My guess is that they will be seen next time, especially in heavy hands. Resident Evil 4 Callback.

Ian: It’s a shame that Ada wasn’t included after seeing her concept in the art book. You’ll probably see a more familiar face as the next game is likely to be a big conclusion in the current storyline. Resident Evil 10??

Zack: Or they will eventually listen to all the emails I send Revelation 3 Sheva is the protagonist. But I think this is probably true. This FPS era is a contained trilogy.

Ian: Sheva! Okay!

Lisa Marie: I wanted them to bend the timeline. Rose grows up and meets former characters.

Zack: Was it the end of the future? village Or if it’s her aging faster than usual. It seems confusing.

Ian: I dont know. I’m not selling overall from the angle of “playing Rose”. She seems super strong! I personally don’t want it.

Zack: the same. But could she be the villain of the game?

Lisa Marie: Perhaps she is as strong as Ethan, as her hands are beaten, but probably her feet as well. But experience and grow all of them to save your child. Imagine being the next big bud.

Zack: Yes, her thing is a foot.

Ian: So you are saying RE9 Is it a VR game?

Zack: Yup. It’s like an interesting plot twist!

Ian: Well, we’re everywhere here, but have you heard the theory that Ethan may not be dead?

Zack: Excuse me!

Lisa Marie: Okay! If so, I hate it.

Zack: how is it?

Ian: <喉を潤す>

Zack: Ohno. I’m guessing the mold is involved while he’s typing. Always that shit.

Lisa Marie: He certainly needs some Clorox.

Zack: correct! Clean the shit, hey.

Ian: So, at the end of the game, when Rose and her handler are running away, a strange hitchhiker-like figure is walking towards them in the distance. And the car seems to stop when approaching him. Apparently, zooming the camera in the mod, the model used for the random guy is Ethan.

Zack: Oh! I wondered who it was!

Ian: It may be just one part, or something else. I dont know. Given what we know about molds, it’s not clear how it works. It’s gone. For example, did they blow everything away?Unless another Somewhere the epicenter.

Zack: Is she part of the mold?

Ian: No, it’s Ethan. I’m wondering what to do with Rose.

Zack: As far as Mmold is concerned, what do you think of the way it was tied to something like the early Umbrella / Spencer, as far as I know? All the information I found about Mia towards the end of the game has some connection. It seems to imply.

Ian: Oh, how ridiculous, I really just turned my back. “Umbrella? Yeah, sure.”

Lisa Marie: I like it! I love good tie-ups.

Zack: It felt like the plot points obtained in. revelation Series, w This is not a bad thing! A strange moment when the game immediately ignores and doesn’t comment again. It was like “This is one for the wiki editors here!”

I’ve been talking about it for a while, but didn’t even mention the best characters in the game … Duke! Tall lady, take it. The Duke is the best character in the village.

Ian: Or is it so? I liked the part of the Heisenberg factory where I had to move him up and down in the elevator. And he’s just horrified. It’s interesting that they made him a big part of the story. RE4 merchant.

Lisa Marie: Duke is Sue.

Zack: I enjoyed the twist on the ceremony. The Duke also saved my ass several times. I rush there and let the big villains cool and leave. good person. His maze puzzle was strange, but I was able to spend time with him. He also saves Ethan, which I hadn’t expected. Here you can see that Duke’s love is not fully shared. all right. Are there any moments or sections that impressed you? I thought the castle with Lady D was really cool. But I think my favorite was the lake section.Some serious Resident Evil 4 Vibe in the meantime.

Lisa Marie: Listen, why does he know so much how to save Rose? But he doesn’t tell everything in advance? Suspension.

Zack: In my theory, he just made it his own way and it worked. #TeamDuke

Lisa Marie: Wasn’t it supposed to be a villain at first? I think this was an early concept.

Ian: I don’t know if he’s a villain, but at some point he was the fifth lord.

Lisa Marie: Oh, that’s right.

Zack: Not a canon. Be kind to the clerk. I threw a pipe bomb and he cooked good food.

Lisa Marie: What happens if you throw a pipe bomb at him?

Zack: nothing. Something is disappointing.

Lisa Marie: I like him, but I don’t trust him.

Zack: I think that’s the right way to look at Duke.

Ian: I’m sorry, Zack.

Zack: I understand.

Ian: Well, I think it’s almost over, so this might be interesting: somehow I’m trapped in an elevator with a Capcom executive.What is your pitch Resident Evil 9??

Zack: Oh oh.

Lisa Marie: I like previous ideas. Rose is an adult and she teams up with the best teams. There are Leon, Jill and Sheva.

Ian: You see, Rose’s work should be set aside for the next iteration or spin-off. I think the next game is about defeating someone who was using Chris, Heavy Action, Blue Umbrella, or Zombie Soldier.Like, it will be done shortly after villageNo time skip.

Zack: Yeah, that’s my pitch. Chris vs BSAA.

Ian: Yes, BSAA, that’s the organization. Too many to track.

Lisa Marie: God, I can’t stand Chris.

Ian: I don’t really like him either!

Zack: He is fine However, he does not have to be the leader. Here is my pitch:

Chris and his team track BSAA and bad things happen. He is off the radar. Is he dead? No one knows. There they call his old partner to find Chris and solve the BSAA mystery. Sheva Then she had to find Rose and ask for help, but Rose didn’t come to help. That’s all. Ada may stop by. Great adventure.

Ian: Yeah, yeah, by mentioning Sheva, you win both. I was too practical.

Zack: I’m dreaming! Anyway, I’m going to end this.Overall, I’m very happy Resident Evil Also good. That’s the right feeling. There was also a dark time.

Lisa Marie: the same. It was a good time. Huge mutant baby etc.

Zack: Oh God. Baby.

Ian: Resident Evil Village: it’s good. I don’t have a good joke. Take us out with a joke.

Zack: Um … well.

Resident Evil 6 scared 7 8 village..

Ian: enough.

Zack: sorry. Cracked by pressure.

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