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Major League Wrestling has issued:

New York — Major League Wrestling (“MLW”) today confirmed the following report: Daibari A soldier of the CONTRA unit.

MLW wants to know more about CONTRA’s soldiers in MLW’s flagship weekly series, FUSION, this Wednesday, January 13th, at 7pm EST. YouTube, Fubo Sports, DAZN, and Roku Channel. Details of where to watch..

A world of battle and structure with Contra’s MLW, and a decadent soldier, Joseph Samael threatened to swear that this pawn was Contra’s greatest warrior.

Former world middleweight champion Myron Reed was set to address the media and discuss the end of his historic rule only as an unimaginable champion.

World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu Adjacents to Simon Gotch and New Soldier Daibari, Beat both Reed and Jordan Oliver.

Not suspicious of a grudge against Oliver at the Kings of Colosseum, Gotch beat Oliver until his 21-year-old ear bleeds. It became clear that Gotch did not intend to fight Oliver one-on-one, but instead was part of this calculated attack by CONTRA.

When Daibari destroyed Reed’s chest protector, Fatu punted Reed many times with his ribs. The fraud was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released the next morning. will continue to report on the incident as needed.

– WWE Sports

Divari revealed as MLW’s CONTRA Soldier Divari revealed as MLW’s CONTRA Soldier

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