Business & Investment, Partners Recognize Entrepreneurs with Over N3.7 Million Resources

First set of Divasity.comBusiness Pitch Winners were presented with over 3.7 million N worth of resources on Tuesday, December 22, 2020.

Analysts are increasingly turning to entrepreneurship as a way to engage in decent work, but from financial capital to technology, machinery and human capital to build profitable businesses. Faced with the challenge of accessing resources. didn’t arrive any longer., a one-stop digital business solution that provides entrepreneurs with business support and a ready market, provides a platform for entrepreneurs to discuss future-centric solutions and market their future-ready businesses to investors. We have previously held an entrepreneurial meeting aimed at providing.

The three winners of the pitch and their organization won resource prizes at an event hosted by and its partners.

Maureen Ebele, co-founder and CEO of Mebic Organic Integrated Limited, takes first place and is the overall best pitch to raise money for business with Certificate of Excellence for N1.5 million resources Was awarded. -The Business Hub workspace and internet services, Expression Hour free web development and digital marketing services.

Mebic Organic Integrated Limited, a start-up company focused on healthy living, addresses the issues of chemical-based foods, malnutrition, and food insecurity. The company’s products are plant-based foods and spices, rich in nutrients and used in cooking.

Oyinkansola Olupona, co-founder of second-place winner, is a career development platform that connects teens to professionals and mentors and prepares them for future careers and jobs. 2nd best pitch. Olpona has also acquired 1.2 million N resources to turn her ideas into a successful business with business hub coworking space, free web development and Expression Hour’s digital marketing services.

Mercy Uzoigwe, co-founder of, a real estate startup with the vision of mobilizing and facilitating access to universal real estate, took third place. Uzoigwe, represented by the company’s foresight and co-founder Olatomiwa Adesulu, is Certificate with resources of 1 million N, the third best pitch, to jointly raise funds for business with Awarded of Excellence. Business hub coworking space, ExpressionHour’s free web development and digital marketing services.

In his remarks at the award event, Adeola Adebayo, chief strategist at and host of Future.EN, thanked all sponsoring organizations for their support and itemized their contributions.

“Given the same resources as entrepreneurs in other regions, African entrepreneurs will definitely be better,” he said.

Adebayo also acknowledges Bulb Africa on ongoing efforts to partner with to organize Future.EN in 2021 and is working to develop an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship. Encouraged other sponsors, partners, investors, and governments to join ..

Queen Oduah, CEO of, also thanked all partners, winners and event attendees. She also introduced her plans for next year, tagged with Future.EN 2.1, which means 2021.

She points out that the event is held quarterly and also offers more interesting topics such as the Future of Energy, giving greater support to participating entrepreneurs who believe they hold the key to the development of all nations. He expressed his optimism about securing., Partners Recognize Entrepreneurs with Over N3.7 Million Resources, Partners Recognize Entrepreneurs with Over N3.7 Million Resources

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