Divinity Death: Wealth of Andvari RPG Campaign on Kickstarter

November 9, 2020 by Polar_Bear

When you are running D & D The game requires a lot of work to keep the player on the adventure. Sometimes that means making things entirely on your own. But you don’t always have the time, so it’s great to have pre-made adventures and campaigns. And if you’re looking for games with a variety of mythological themes, such as Greek, Norse mythology, and Egyptian, be sure to check it out. Divinity Death: Andvari’s Wealth.. Uploaded to Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Death of Divinity uses the rules of 5E DnD to cover the myths and stories of ancient Greek, Scandinavian and Egyptian cultures, and to bring each culture and myth into one interactive one. This is a self-made campaign with a twist. world. The first chapter of Death of Divinity: Riches of Andvari introduces our world to players and begins a series of events that will bring the beginning of Ragnorak. Beyond quests, monsters, and exhaustive mythological stories, Death of Divinity is a structured story with guidance and tools that guide a group of adventurers from the first chapter to the last chapter. The complete Deathof Divinity experience includes World Anvil’s online interactive setup and an open discord server where supporters can discuss the series with the author.

Adventure background

Andvari’s wealth takes players traveling in the cold northern country of Seyala to regain the legendary Andvaranaut. Along the way, players immerse themselves in the Norse setting and encounter monsters found in Norse mythology and defense ministry monsters.

The campaign is about 7/10 to the goal and 22 days left.


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