Division 2 is free to play this weekend

After waking up recently Sleep all year roundDivision 2 Free play On the weekend starting from now. This means that you are free to lift all your weapons and armor by jumping into Washington, DC, which has been struck by a deadly bioengineering illness and has been partially regenerated by nature. Multiplayer game You can throw it.

Free weekends Division 2 Season 9 Starts: Hidden AlliancePick up in the aftermath of an agent conflict with former commander Faeirau at Camp White Oak. You will be able to exchange DC campaign missions by exchanging true son enemies and Manhunt targets for regular bad guys.

Free weekends are also your chance to check out the countdown, the new multiplayer PvE mode for Season 9. In the countdown, two teams of four agents work together to stabilize the power plant that is about to be blocked and fight for extraction points. It can be accessed from the Division 2 megamap just below the Kenly College and Summit icons.

Countdown mode, as you might expect, is timed and features a variety of purposes and random encounters with enemies. It’s tuned for eight players, but you can also start the session solo. However, the difficulty isn’t scaled at all, so it’s a good idea to find and run at least two teammates.

To jump to Division 2’s free trial weekend, launch Ubisoft Connect and go to your game library.[無料ゲーム]Find the entry in the section. If you decide to purchase Division 2, the progress you have made will be carried over to your account.

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