Division 2 Update 12 now live on PCPTS with full patch notes details

Ubisoft has launched Phase 2 of Division 2 Title Update 12 on the PC Public Test Server until Wednesday, December 2nd. Many changes will be made in the new phase, including buffing some weapons and addressing bugs. Check out the patch notes below.

The PDR assault rifle saw a damage buff to make it a competitive option when stacked with other assault rifles. Exotic bighorns and condensers have increased magazines, but Exotics Corpio has seen some PvE and PvP debuffs in the duration of status effects.

Title Update 12 also addresses many bugs. This includes general optimizations, fixes for level 30 high difficulty missions that didn’t drop the right level of gear, adjustments to challenges within the summit, and other weapon balances in Scorpio.

In addition to these changes, Season 3 of Warlords in New York, the Hidden Agenda, will enter the final chapter of the Belfly League. In the final league of the season, players are tasked with defeating former US Army retired and fraudulent agent Skyler “Belfry” Williams. There are time trials at DCD Headquarters, Federal Emergency Bunkers, Potomac Event Center, and Manning National Zoo. Completing any of these challenges will earn players rewards throughout the league, including Bellfly Arm Patches, Exotic Cash, and Eye Backpack Trophy. The Bellfly League will run until December 8th and all challenges will be reset on December 1st.

Some rewards that can be unlocked in Division 2.

In other Division 2 news, Ubisoft developers said the game wouldn’t be ported to PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series S / Series X. This is the stance the studio has held since the beginning of the year. However, Division 2 can be played on next-generation consoles due to backward compatibility.

Division 2 Title Update 12 Patch Notes

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  • Season 4
  • New global event
  • Global event shop


  • Optimization station:
    • Optimized material drop for rogue agent encounters:
      • Rogue agents will now drop a random stack of weapon or equipment optimization materials.
      • The final rogue will drop a random stack of tactical evaluation materials and a stack of gear and weapon optimization materials respectively.
  • Equipment:
    • Weapon-PDR (AR)
      • Strengthen more competitive damage within the assault rifle category
      • This applies to all PDR variants (including subjects and capacitors).
    • Exotic-capacitor
      • Expanded magazine size to 41 (from 30)
      • Adjusted to 40 stacks of 1.5% skill damage (from 50 stacks of 1% skill damage)
      • Weapon damage per skill tier increased to 7.5% (from 5%)
    • Exotic-Bighorn
      • Expanded magazine size to 40 (from 30)
      • Buffed Talent-Big Game Hunter:
        • Once the scope is set, it switches to semi-automatic firearm mode, dealing 450% weapon damage on each shot.
        • Headshots deal + 2% headshot damage. Stack up to 50 times. At full stack, 10 stacks decay every 4 seconds until all stacks are removed. Headshots slow down stack decay.
        • This change to how the stack decays should reward players who can continue their headshots by allowing them to maintain a damage bonus for accuracy.
    • Exotic-Scorpio
      • Adjusted talent-septic shock:
        • When you shoot the target, a stack of poison is applied and lasts for 10 seconds. Increasing the stack adds even more serious debuffs to the target.
        • The duration of the stat effect is based on the percentage of pellets hit when the shot is applied.
        • PvE debuff:
          • 1-Poison
          • 3-Confused
          • 6-shock
          • 7-Target takes 20% damage (from all sources)
        • PvP debuff:
          • 2-Bleeding
          • 4-Confuse
          • 7-Ensnale
          • 8-Target takes 20% damage (from all sources)
  • skill:
    • Repair traps
      • Buff radius 0.75m (from 0.5)
      • Base recovery increased by 25%
      • Reduced base cooldown to 40 seconds (from 60)
    • Shrapnel trap PvP damage has been reduced.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where the “Protect Hostages” goal would not be updated after all enemy NPCs were eliminated, blocking the completion of the goal.
    • Fixed a mission where level 30 is more difficult and doesn’t drop gear beyond the 504 gear score.
    • Fixed an issue where Empress International’s target route selection did not work at the summit.
    • Fixed the quality of open world loot rewards when heroic difficulty is not scaled properly to difficulty.
    • Fixed a player who could bypass Legendary level enemies on Summit Legendary difficulty.
    • Fixed an issue where the Summit Challenge would not progress when the player first entered Game Mode.
    • Fixed an issue where the Summit Challenge skill dismantling would not progress.
    • Fixed an issue where Summit Challenge skill dismantling would not progress with Shrapnel Trap Kills.
    • Fixed an issue where the excessive power of the Summit Challenge would not progress under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed an issue where the Summit Challenge Directive Doubler would not complete.
    • Fixed an issue where the exceptional accuracy of Summit Challenges would not complete.
    • Fixed an issue where the repressive suppression of the Summit Challenge would not progress with grenade kills.
    • Fixed an issue where the Summit Directive Rager would remain active if the player switched directives in the lobby.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple Summit Ascending Challenges would inadvertently complete even though group members were down.
    • Fixed an issue where flamethrower kills would not always advance the “crowd control” challenge at the summit.
    • Fixed an issue where loot chests would not spawn loot to all players if some group members were upstairs or more behind.
    • Fixed an issue where the Scorpio Exotic Debuff UI would not update when the player reapplied subsequent pellets.
    • Fixed the Scorpio exotic poison effect that incorrectly affects turrets.
    • Fixed an issue where Scorpio Exotic would not renew the debuff period if the second player had already applied the debuff period to the target.
    • Fixed an issue where the core attributes of Empress International’s named chests and backpacks were incorrect.
    • Fixed an issue where Scorpio Exotic would incorrectly apply the Poison Stack to neutral players or group members in dark zones or conflicts.
    • Fixed an issue where the Tend and Befriend buff would remain active in the dark zone for only 4 seconds when using the Firestarter or Oxidizerchem launcher skills.
    • Fixed “exacerbation of symptoms”.
    • Talent to activate under certain circumstances without the necessary equipment.
    • Fixed an Achilles pulse that displayed an incorrect cooldown result when a skill haste mod was attached.
    • Fixed an issue where rigger backpacks could not be created.
    • Fixed an issue where Kendra’s Liberty Exotic Pistol could not be created.
    • Fixed missing condenser exotic muzzle flash VFX.
    • Fixed placement of dismantling workers and technicians’ signature weapons on Empress International backpacks.
    • Fixed placement of condenser exotic and PDR weapons on Empress International backpacks.
    • Fixed placement of various ChemLauncher variants in Empress International backpacks.
    • Fixed an issue where the sidearm would clip through the rigger holster.
    • Fixed an issue where elbow pads would appear twisted when combined with certain apparel items.
    • Replaced some incorrect narration lines in Japanese localization.
    • Fixed a missing narration line in Brazilian Portuguese localization.
    • Various localizations in multiple languages ​​have been improved.
    • Fixed a breathing mask that remains on the agent’s face when switching gear dyes multiple times.
    • Fixed an issue where the PC Benchmark feature accidentally skipped to the exit screen without providing any information.

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