Division 2 will get a new mode later this year, but not much else

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good news Split Two players: Ubisoft and Massive have planned the future of the game, including a new mode later this year. Bad news: Don’t expect new things for a while.

In a blog post titled “The Road Ahead”The developer behind Massive Entertainment, an online looter shooter, explains: Division 2 We made the first plan for success in 2020 and what the future holds. The big news is that a new mode is coming. Massive describes it as “totally new to the franchise.”This would seem to mean it’s not just Survival mode from Division 1, What the fans wanted Division 2 For many years.

This new mode will not be added to the game until “late 2021” at the earliest. And as game developers are suffering from a pandemic, it seems like it could slip easily. Covid-19 has already been connected recently resident Evil Crossover event The range and scale have been significantly reduced.

Massive also The· Division 2 This year will be a rebroadcast of last season. In other words, “Season 5” will be Season 1 again. For players who jump into the game after some of these seasons have passed, it’s a good way to give them the opportunity to play the content again.I’ve been playing since New York military commander Or before that, it’s disappointing news. There will be some new apparel events this year, but what is it?

Massive will continue to be involved in development Division 2, But the company also explained it Ubisoft Bucharest Helps create content for online shooters. This makes sense as Massive is also working on it. Avatar game And Star Wars game.

last month, Ubisoft and Massive have confirmed that Division 2 Continue to receive new updates and content from the past Season 4.. Prior to the news, fans were wondering if the game would end as the Season 4 story concludes the plot line and arcade that began in the first game. Even the name of Season 4 is ““The end of the watch” sounded very final..

Oh yeah it is Division 2 I’ll continue, but I don’t think many players will stick to play the old season while waiting for something new.

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