Division 2 will get another “major update” later this year

Division 2 should have already ended. Title Update 12, released last month in Ubisoft’s massive multiplayer shooter, was set to be the last. Ubisoft Massive has since announced that Division 2 will actually have additional updates this year as player support continues, and today the studio has a glimpse of what to expect next year. did.

According to Ubisoft, Division 2 has reached over 40 million unique players since it launched almost two years ago. Since then, we have launched the Warlords of New York, both free trials and paid extensions. There were also some major additions, such as the 100-story Summit Building. According to Ubisoft, about 97 million floors have been scaled up and down, exceeding the distance to the moon.

In any case, Massive’s Division team has begun work on new content, with producer Adrian Trasca and associate creative director Yannick Banchereau continuing to play a leading role. The studio predicts that new content will “take months to complete,” and the next major update is scheduled “at the earliest” later this year.

It’s still a mystery to be included in that content. Massive isn’t ready to discuss it yet, but says it needs the next update to “make meaningful changes to the game.”

In the meantime, the next season of Division 2 will be a rerun of Season 1 of the second year. This means another opportunity to collect the rewards offered during the first season of Warlords in New York. Ubisoft says it can expect new apparel events as well as regular league and global events to re-execute last year’s seasonal schedule.

Finally, Massive’s Hamish Bode, who helped create The Division’s “State of the Game” live stream, will move to a new role as Communications Manager at Ubisoft Stockholm. He states he is working on a project that has yet to be revealed. More “I’m very excited to share” about when the time has come.

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