DNF Duel Review-A new challenger is here

Over the years, fighting games have proven to be one of the most versatile genres. Much of that variety comes from guest characters, from the addition of the anti-hero Negan, who turned into the villain of The Walking Dead, to Tekken 7, to the All-Star Cast of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Arc System Works will use DNF Duel to signal this idea, adopt the entire game (Nexon’s longtime MMO Dungeon Fighter Online), and use it to build new fighting games. The result is a solid brawler, despite a mediocre story, boasting a variety of rosters, near-perfect online play, and a combat system with a wealth of options for beginners and veterans.

DNF Fuel is certainly set in the world of Dungeon Fighter Online, but you don’t need any prior knowledge of the game to dive into it. The source material is primarily for reference and serves as a comprehensive story and character background. Each of these characters is built from one of the MMO’s playable classes. Some characters appear to have been drawn from another fighting game. For example, Grappler is a black-haired hand-to-hand combat in a familiar martial arts uniform. Others like Ghostblade and Berserker stand out because of their incredibly intimidating looks. Berserker’s red eyes, pointed blonde hair, and scaly red arms make him look like an evil Super Saiyan, while Ghostblade is on his body like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure stand. I’m doubly scared thanks to the airy black beast that floats on my head.

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DNF Duel’s combat system is the epitome of “easy to learn and difficult to learn.” Performs a move with a combination of one-way and attack buttons, similar to the Super Smash Bros. control scheme. Normal attacks can be performed without restrictions, but special movements are derived from the finite amount of MP displayed in the blue bar below the character’s health. MP will recover over time, but if you use a move that requires more MP than is available, your character will be exhausted, MP playback will be delayed, and the attack will be weakened for a short period of time. This sounds pretty standard and honest, but it’s good. Barriers to entry are lower for players unfamiliar with fighting games. However, its simplicity rests on a number of moving parts that significantly increase the learning curve.

DNF Duel has two underlying mechanisms for success. Conversion and awakening. Conversion is an advanced mechanism that casual players may not realize unless they happen to trigger it. The conversion allows the player to consume white health (in the lost but playable window) to cancel all moves and restore the MP. The amount restored depends on how much White’s health is consumed. This will make the combo longer and do more damage, but if used at the wrong time, it will increase the chances of a counterattack. It’s easy to use-the proper bumper / R1 activates it with the push of a button-but in the end, the conversion is for casual players to rank AI opponents and online novices. It is not something you see from. It’s essential if you’re learning DNF Duel, but if you’re here just for a DFO reference or another play, it won’t have much of an impact.

However, awakening is the more universal of the two and occurs when the character’s health drops to 30%. Awakening not only provides access to super-powerful awakening attacks, but also provides a unique boost for each character. The Swiftmaster’s Wakefulness increases his movement speed, but the Ranger can debuff his opponent each time he hits. Awakening doesn’t sound unique, but the additional twist of giving each character a unique boost makes the mechanic much more effective.

The challenge is to figure out how everything here is linked. This keeps you within MP limits while creating flashy, highly damaging combos to prevent wear. Each character is a huge puzzle, and each piece is a different attack, conversion opportunity, or key movement. In-game tutorials will help you provide ideas. Combo trials are specially created for this, but experimenting with free training is a lot more fun. It helps that the fighting style of every character is also unique-its versatility greatly helps keep the game fresh-but it also has 16 different move sets if you’re trying to master every character. Means to learn. It’s a steep learning curve, but the feeling of performing a combo in the middle of a battle is pure adrenaline.

After finding and learning the protagonist, the game offers much more than training and tutorials. Arcade mode is self-explanatory. It’s a match gauntlet that leads to a powerful final boss, as it was in the old arcade era. Story mode provides context to each character through cutscenes, but in the end, the mode plays just like an arcade. For games that have been referencing source material for nearly 20 years, I expected a more robust story mode similar to other Arc System Works games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Gear Strive. Instead, each character fights eight battles, interspersed with several cutscenes. I was able to understand how some keywords were highlighted during the cutscene and press the buttons marked Glossary to learn the meaning of those terms. But in the end, story mode was disappointing, and more importantly, someone like me who had never played DFO missed the opportunity to learn more about it.


However, the best experience DNF Fuel offers is online. The entire fighting game genre has had a turbulent era when it comes to online play, and older delay-based netcodes make it impossible to play some games without full network conditions. DNF Duel is one of a new kind of online fighter that employs what is called a “rollback net code” for the way it handles frame delays between two players, the difference between day and night. is. Playing DNF Duel online is like taking the person to the room with you without interrupting the action during the match. With numerous online matches, both ranked and unranked matchmaking, all battles took place without a single technical issue. How I personally performed in these online matches is another story, but hey, it can be a steep learning curve.

Arc System Works continues to set high standards for fighting games with DNF Duel, simple enough for new players and robust enough to fight veterans. With 16 unique characters offering a wealth of variations, the core fighting system rewards players who delve into it, and the online service feels like the old arcade scene. I would have liked the more detailed story mode, but the rest of the game is more than just making up for the mistakes. Not only is DNF Duel a great fighting game, it also enhances the diversity of the entire genre by adapting established IPs to entirely new experiences.

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