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The Vikings may decide to consider trading Carson Wentz this offseason. Is it a wise move?

The Minnesota Vikings are mathematically alive in the NFC playoff hunt at 6-8, but the chances of making it are small. The defeat of the Chicago Bears last week ruined much of the hope in Minneapolis.

Kirk Cousins ​​threw 271 yards in the game and made two touchdowns. He also threw the 13th intercept of the season. The Vikings are in a difficult quarterback situation. He plans to make $ 21 million in 2021, but when released it will be a $ 41 million deadcap hit. That number will drop to $ 10 million in 2022.

Difficult to do Imagine your cousins ​​sticking together Until the 2022 season, based on his play as a member of the Vikings. The team can’t cut him this offseason, but he may want to bring more competition in that position. Addition of Carson Wentz It’s one of the options worth considering.

Does the Vikings need to consider Carson Wentz?

This is a tricky situation. The Vikings may want to improve in quarterbacks, but adding Wentz brings even more money. He was a $ 34.6 million cap hit in 2021 when his four-year massive extension actually began.

One way to make money is to find someone to take your cousin to a deal. Who knows if that is possible? But let’s say it all works and the Vikings have a chance to add Wentz and make money. Should they do it?

This is a difficult question to answer. The Eagles seem to be giving up Wentz, Roll with Jalen Hurts After signing a major extension to their previous second overall pick. When it comes to assessing quarterbacks, it’s a nasty sign.

One thing to note is that Wentz’s dead cap figure will just exceed $ 15 million in 2023. Therefore, the Vikings can bring him for two years as a presumptive upgrade to his cousin. If the team isn’t going to bottom out completely and pick the top of the draft, it’s definitely worth the blow.

Wentz seems to have been lost in the attack of Doug Pederson. Landscape opportunities may be what he needs, and in Minnesota he wouldn’t have a rookie quarterback waiting to take on his job. He will also have far more talent in skill positions that appear to be lost in his story struggling in Philadelphia.

The Vikings absolutely need to consider Wentz. This is a player who entered 2020 with 97 touchdowns and only 35 intercepts. His 16-15 ratio in 2020 should not define his entire career and he was able to head to Minnesota in two years to prove himself. There’s no reason to say Wentz would be a terrible addition if his cousin didn’t lead the team to the postseason, especially if the top rookie quarterback didn’t come to town.

Of course, this all depends on the Eagles, who are willing to take a big financial blow in such a deal, and the Vikings to find someone to take their cousin’s money. But because of the hypothesis, there is no reason for the Vikings to exclude Wentz in 2021.

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Do Vikings need to be exchanged for Carson Wentz during the off-season? Do Vikings need to be exchanged for Carson Wentz during the off-season?

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