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Do you find climate change a nuisance?Wait until geoengineering

Wired: Do you notice this? Visually, do we see something?

KR: Yes, on an absolute scale. Change the ratio of direct radiation to diffuse radiation. In other words, the idea is that the sky will be a little whiter on average, for example, the sunset will be a little more vibrant. It’s definitely much smaller than the difference between going from the California desert to the city. In my opinion, the white sky is probably not the biggest problem either.

Wired: What about your concerns about toxicology? Is this benign for creatures on earth?

KR: It’s not benign — it’s the same thing that comes out of a power plant. Mass concentration in one area can make people and crops sick. But in terms of scale, the amount needed in the stratosphere is much less than what we emit from power plants and is spread throughout the globe.

People have also done some research on this, and the greatest risk of particles seems to be like a sensitive high latitude ecosystem. In short, polar ecosystems that are currently less exposed to urban pollution, but will gain more from now on. Especially because the particles generally move towards the poles before they settle out of the stratosphere.

Wired: Let’s say a country unilaterally says “I’m going to do this.” They want to spray the stratosphere to cool their country, and it doesn’t matter if it envelops the Earth.

KR: Legally, it’s complicated. Because, basically, the country owns the airspace to space. It’s a little vague. So people can spray things into their country and it will go everywhere.afterwards [the particles] It stays in the atmosphere for about a year and a half on average. They spread and the radiant effect becomes effective immediately. Therefore, we can see that the temperature of the earth drops immediately after a large volcanic eruption, lasts for about a year or two, and then drops again. Therefore, it is not always necessary to spray daily. If you stop for 2 years, the effect will disappear.

Wired guide to climate change

The world is getting warmer and the weather is getting worse. Here’s everything you need to know about what humans can do to stop destroying planets.

I’m having a hard time seeing what we’re doing No It’s so cheap that I’m actually going to do it at this point. The effects of climate change already appear to be so devastating that we do not know that such a low cost solution has not been implemented by anyone in this world. No other place in the world can cool the earth so quickly.Even if you start decarbonization rapidly Remove CO2 from the atmosphere, It’s a 10-year timescale for results. While blocking the sunlight, the climate response begins immediately.

Wired: We’ve seen modeling that suddenly shutting down solar geoengineering causes temperature problems. Climb dramatically and endanger seeds..

KR: If the program was interrupted and stratospheric geoengineering was blocking a lot of warming, if someone stopped it, this would be a really rapid warming. In other words, it would be devastating if we stopped treating drinking water, right? There is something that humans need to keep doing, otherwise it is catastrophic.

Do you find climate change a nuisance?Wait until geoengineering Do you find climate change a nuisance?Wait until geoengineering

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