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Do you want to make an offer?4 Ways to Shake Listing Agents and Sellers

It’s not just about submitting the best offers. In today’s crazy market, you need to stand out to both listed agents and sellers. Here are some ways to behave in your favor.

Acquiring extreme offers Seller’s market Skills are required. As industry professionals, we all know that it is to be chosen by both listed agents and sellers and wants to be happy with the sale and reassured that the deal will be completed.

In today’s competitive market, it’s important not only to offer the best offers with the fewest conditions, but also to stand out from the competition. There are several ways to do this.

1. Connect to the listing agent

get Listing agent Start to like And I respect you as an agent. You do so by being professional yet friendly, not too aggressive and aggressive, but competent and aggressive.

Give your listing agent the feeling that you are a comfortable person to do business with. What you can do Close a deal, And you’re the one they want to eat later. I hope you like it — and it’s totally amazing.

If you don’t know the listing agent, find out as much as you can about the agent. a Connection. Did you work for the same securities company? Which school did they go to? If you know another agent who knows them, ask them to put in good words for you.

Show your expertise in the area or neighborhood where your home is located. Talk about how many years you have sold in the neighborhood and why you love the area. Serious buyers are what the other side is looking for, and showing love for the place is a great way to do that.

Be sure to take advantage of technologies that include tracking: Offer Status — Whether the offer was opened or a particular section was read. That way, you can provide updates, ping the list agent for status, and see if you have any questions.

2. Show commitment to home

Listing agents and sellers I know I love your buyer And I want a home — this is the only home on the planet Include A house for them.

Talk about how long buyers have been looking for and how many offers they have lost (indicating how hungry they are). Please do a pre-inspection before submitting the offer.It shows that you and your buyers are serious bidders, know the condition of the home and can’t get it Buyer’s regret If you find any problems later.

Find something specific to say about properties and neighborhoods to show that your buyers are emotionally connected. Perhaps it is the walkability of the area, the stunning views, or certain features of the house.

3. Connect with the seller

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Fair Housing Act may not recommend buyers’ love letters to sellers, but that doesn’t mean agents can’t send heartfelt letters. (To avoid ethical issues Check out this article first.. )

Find a way to stand out in the seller’s mind and let them love you and your buyers. Note: As an expert etiquette, you should always give the list agent a head-up that you will contact their seller.

4. It stands out by standing out!

Your job is the best trustee of your client and whatever is possible to take your buyer to the house. There are many things you can do to influence. For example, the eXp agent Clayton Connolly writes: song Ask the seller to choose his client (they did, and the property sold for $ 1.73 million). In short, don’t be afraid to get attention and be creative!

Always follow up with the list agent after the fact via phone or short note, even if your offer won’t win. It shows the class and gives you the opportunity to connect when they are not crazy about organizing and presenting offers. Moreover, we do not know when to bid on another list in the future.

Mark Choey is the founder of HighNote Lab Co-founder of Climb Real Estate in San Francisco.Connect with him Instagram Or LinkedIn..

Do you want to make an offer?4 Ways to Shake Listing Agents and Sellers Do you want to make an offer?4 Ways to Shake Listing Agents and Sellers

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