Doctor Strange 2 and above MCU movie delays: what do these release date shifts really mean?

So what does this all mean and how does it affect Marvel fans who are anxious for the stable flow of new MCU movies?

according to deadlineThe main reason for the delay, though unrelated to concerns that the pandemic impact on box office still remains, seems to correspond to the backlog of production schedules. COVID has influenced the production of almost every Marvel release out of Hollywood these days, so Disney seems to have a bit of room for every Marvel release, whether on schedule or not. So it’s theoretically good, isn’t it?

This change also means that it varies from title to title.putting Doctor Strange 2 With the May release, Bath may position the film as a major Marvel event.That slot was mainly occupied by in the past Iron man With movies the Avengers Installments — Some of the biggest giants in the MCU. Sorcerer Supreme could be the de facto leader of the Avengers Earthbound delegation, and his sequel is probably Event to destroy the universe of Wandavision, Spider-Man: No Way Home And even Loki, Doctor Strange 2 It could be the next big Marvel game changer.

The second major outlook is Black Panther: Wakanda Forever From July to November. The film is in production and it’s unclear if there’s a delay, but if it’s released later this year, it could be prepared for another Wakanda run at Oscar. This time around, the movie is much closer to winning the award. Candidates are traditionally released.

Meanwhile, Marvel fans shouldn’t be surprised at all this: after all Eternals When Spider-Man: No Way Home Both are imminent, and SpidermanWith its late December release, the movie is guaranteed to play in January and, in some cases, in early February. Therefore, by the time Spidey runs the course, we are seeing a gap within three months. Doctor Strange Weave his spell.

That’s where Disney + comes in. Hawkeye It will be played on the streaming service until the end of the year, but you can expect it Kamala Khan And maybe either Moon knight Also She-Hulk They will also make their debut. With Disney + Subscriber growth slows Over the past year, the company may want to encourage more fans to subscribe by scheduling new Marvel content while waiting for the next movie wave.

Doctor Strange 2 and above MCU movie delays: what do these release date shifts really mean?

https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/doctor-strange-2-more-mcu-movies-delayed-release-dates/ Doctor Strange 2 and above MCU movie delays: what do these release date shifts really mean?

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