Doctor Strange reads the darkness of the Multiverse of Madness Art

After his debut at WandaVision, when Strange reads it with new fan art, Darkhold heads for the crazy Multiverse Doctor Strange.

Warning: Spoilers WandavisionFinale

Doctor Strange researches new darkhold Strange doctor in a variety of madness Fan art. Wandavision Officially debuting the Scarlet Witch, its ending served as a stepping stone for Wanda’s future in the MCU. The Marvel Studios series was also further built into the magical corner of the franchise with the introduction of the Darkhold book originally owned by Agatha Harkness before being defeated at the finale.

Wandavision Little is known about Darkhold, but the comic contains all the dark spells collated by Chthon. According to Agatha, the book contains an entire section dedicated to the Scarlet Witch. To learn more about myself WandavisionPost-credits scene It may be clear that she is studying Darkhold and there is no doubt that she is primarily learning Darkhold. This can lead to Doctor Strange intervening and trying to stop her from doing so. This is because it makes Scarlet Witch more powerful in a bad way.

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Assuming this bears fruit, Doctor Strange needs to prepare for an imminent encounter with Wanda. Magical Multiverse Doctor Strange..Thinking about what happened in Wandavision, Digital creator BossLogic Imagine a future Sorcerer Supreme somehow getting a darkhold and studying it for himself. Check the figure below.

The implications of Doctor Strange reading Darkhold are not as dangerous as Wanda learns the secret. Unlike her, he has more traditional training in Kamaltage. He was identified as an Ancient One genius and the best magician. It would be more useful for him to check the contents in case Wanda becomes too powerful and she uses dark magic openly to cause havoc. Strange doctor in a variety of madness.. It’s also worth noting that Doctor Strange had previously read the Darkhold page through Cagliostro’s book. Cursed book..

It’s currently unclear what the dynamic Doctor Strange and Wanda will look like after their roads finally cross. Strange doctor in a variety of madness..But WandavisionThe ending feature of, at least initially, suggests that it is not a peaceful alliance.Agnes said Scarlet witch It’s more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme, which will eventually become Doctor Strange on the MCU. In addition, her destiny is to destroy the world, and the master of mysterious art is tasked with protecting the Earth from mysterious threats, so Wanda will probably follow this path from them. Means to face resistance.

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Source: BossLogic

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Doctor Strange reads the darkness of the Multiverse of Madness Art

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