Doctor Who: Daleks Preview Revolution

The farewell came after a revelation that the doctor’s own history was far from what she (and we) believed, so that we do not forget, a lot of forgotten rebirth and its Monica. Introduced Timeless child.. It also saw her head-on in front of Judoon, who rudely invited her from TARDIS to space prison. Graham, Ryan, and Yaz were returned to Earth on their TARDIS and gladly disguised their new home. We had to think of the most important question of all. What happens if someone tries to take out the trash?

Therefore, the “revolution” begins with a rather difficult problem. If we have established that there is some form of Dalek on Earth, but without the UNIT hotline, sonic accessories, or Rose Tyler in space, what would three ordinary doctorless humans do about it? Are you going This isn’t the first time the show has raised this question, but this episode doesn’t treat it the way you expect.

Of course, doctor’s imprisonment does not mean that the universe has completely lost the Dalek murder expert. John Barrowman’s return as Captain Jack Harkness This time it’s not just a simple cameo, but it was announced a while back. It’s been 11 years since viewers last saw Jack drinking blues in “The End of Time, Part Two.” He feels barely apart. (‘Torchwood: Miracle Day‘? I’ve never heard of it …)

Barrowman is clearly happy to be back, but Jack is pretty serious and not cheeky this time. He doesn’t hesitate to discuss past adventures with the doctor, but these callbacks are clearly aimed at the audience, not the person sharing the screen.In a sense, his inclusion in the story feels like it’s a way to mitigate the blow. Departure of Tosin Cole and Bradley WalshAs if to remind us that almost everyone’s returns are always possible – this is Doctor Who, After all.

Even in icy blue redesignCannot be denied to include Dalek In the episode, the impact of the last few years is no longer there. Especially when it comes to attracting enthusiastic fans who are still roaming the BBC’s “Time Lord Victorious” event, they are simply too ubiquitous for that. Even the iconic villain, the “Dalek Revolution” does not match the height of the bombs reached by some previous Christmas specials.It doesn’t have the dazzling madness of’Christmas carol‘But on the other hand, it’s not as fluffy as something like’Battlefield and two people‘Or’Damned voyage‘.

Doctor Who: Daleks Preview Revolution

https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/doctor-who-revolution-of-the-daleks-preview/ Doctor Who: Daleks Preview Revolution

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