Doctor Who: World Apartment Card Pack Now Available

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, a free-to-play multiplayer game, will be available on PC and mobile next year, but fans can start their collection now. Card packs are available for purchase today and you can search for your favorite characters from science fiction shows.

From now on, you can visit the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart site and get some cards. You can purchase four separate packets: TARDIS, Core, Premium and Exclusive. Each packet contains 5-10 characters, objects, and moments from nearly 60 years of execution in the series. As with any card game, rarity is important and the trading market will be featured in the official launch next year. Blockchain technology ensures that there are no ownership disputes or copies.

Worlds Apart was developed in collaboration with BBC Studios and Reality Gaming Group. The player takes on the role of Time Lord. This is a race of famous heroes exploring space-time, building decks to betray, betray, and generally defeat your opponents. Morten Rongaard, co-founder of the Reality Gaming Group, said: “Doctor Who: The cards used in Worlds Apart are functional and collectable, so fans can actually own part of the game while playing.”

Other Reality Gaming projects that specialize in trading and collecting games include the cute collect-’em-up Smighties and the Reality Clash called “Pokémon GO Meets Call of Duty”.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card packs cost $ 4.99 and free games will be released on mobile and PC later next year.

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