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It’s been almost eight years since the Dodgers left Austin Barnes, Chris Hatcher, Andrew Heaney and Enrique Hernandez on a contract with the Marlins. And even if Heaney eventually turned to Anaheim for Howie Kendrick, it’s still a rewarding deal to this day.

Hernandez offered many big moments during his tenure with the Dodgers. Hatcher’s time was pretty forgotten, but Burns proved to be a key part of their success.please look The shirt they made for him this year See how he affects his teammates.

This week, the Dodgers went out and confirmed that he had been there for some time. They sign him a two-year extension and keep him in Los Angeles throughout the 2025 season. That means he will hit the open mart at the age of 36 if they don’t keep him long.

Austin Barnes earns $ 3.5 million a year as part of a two-year $ 7 million deal, sources said.

That could potentially mean that Austin Barnes is a member of the Dodgers throughout his big league career. It’s not that he couldn’t get another deal after this current deal expired, but it’s quite possible that he will only play here. Who would have thought when they made the deal for him?

Burns had a moment with the Dodgers. Especially during the 2017 season. He did a really good run on the bat and took on the job of starting from Yasmani Grandal in the playoffs. He has always had good defenses, but it was really fun to see his bat come back to life in big moments. He got a good one.

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Dodgers: Austin Barnes Can Be The Dodgers of Life Dodgers: Austin Barnes Can Be The Dodgers of Life

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