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Welcome to 2021, where rumors are doing their best to spark a late off-season stove, but no deals are found anywhere. The Dodgers are busy in their own way (adding some high-paying bullpen arms), but the big move fans are looking for hasn’t happened yet.

Or even re-signing LA’s own free agents like Joc Pederson and Justin Turner.

But as rumors spread, the fan base faces tough scenarios. Saturday, The rumored factory has tied DJ LeMahieu to the blue boys.. Perhaps he will take over on third base for an aging Turner who is reportedly chatting with at least one other team as a free agent.

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So that difficult scenario? Will fans wholeheartedly bring JT back to life, or will they see the next few seasons at DJLM?We asked on Twitter, but this hypothesis mixes huge free pieces Free Agent Closer Liam Hendriks.. I found it a little more difficult than I expected.

Fun (and cheating) answers to comments are often asked Why not all three? It’s easy when it’s not our money. However, with over 53% of the votes cast at the time of this writing, the package containing Turner and Hendrix has considerable leads, which is understandable.

Dive deeper into the numbers between JT and DJ in the last few seasons and see Turner as a more powerful bat …

But he is just 36 years old and his surgically repaired knee does not get younger. However, looking beyond the box score in Turner adds one big part of the package he offers.

Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen were more Dodgers than Justin Turner, but neither has the voice that JT does at its clubhouse. Still, even LA manager Dave Roberts does not point directly to Turner, he says he will. I love change In future clubs. This makes more or less reasonable after about five years with relatively the same player.

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Looking at the LeMahieu side of things, we can see that the Gold Glove Awards infielder has finished his absolute elite season with the New York Yankees. In the shortened 60-game season, DJLM posted an incredible 177 wRC + while winning the second batting title in his career. When I connect it to the Dodgers lineup in 2021, I start to raise my eyebrows a little.

Discussions on aggressive production with LeMahieu always point to his considerable home / road division. At his career home (mainly playing at Coors Field in Colorado and Yankee Stadium in New York), the slugger is .873 OPS, compared to .699 on the road.

Justin Turner, on the other hand, was about the same batter at home and on the go throughout his career (.839 home / .837 road).

Adding Liam Hendriks to this fictional poll on Twitter seems to have voted correctly by the majority of fans. In the bubble (Okay, it’s too early …), Turner is a better option with a bat and intangible assets he brings to the LA locker room. But with the three-year contract he’s rumored to be looking for, he started as third baseman throughout the 38-year-old season. It’s not ideal for clubs witnessing competition to fill the National League gap.

I’m glad I wasn’t Andrew Friedman.

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Dodgers fans decide between DJ LeMahieu and Justin Turner Dodgers fans decide between DJ LeMahieu and Justin Turner

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