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Andrew Friedman has been talking about adding an impact arm to the Dodgers bullpen throughout the off-season. He was able to add enough depth to the minor league trading, but there were only rumors about his true MLB talent. One of those rumors floating around includes A’s closer Liam Hendriks.

Hendrix was linked to the Dodgers from the moment the MLB free agent kicked off after the World Series. That interest seems to be even stronger today, Reported by Robert Murray..

The addition of the Hendrix caliber relief will significantly improve the quality of the Dodgers bullpen towards 2021. The 2020 team’s free agents Alex Wood, Pedro Baez and Blake Treinen have already missed. Of those three, Alex Wood seems to be the only one they are interested in taking home.

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The Dodgers often don’t pay big bucks to rescuers, so Hendrix’s only real problem is cost. The only recent exception to that was the deal given to Kenley Jansen and Joe Kelly, both of which were of some value at the time of their career. Hendrix is ​​reportedly looking for a four-year contract, and experts predict that his contract could exceed the $ 50 million range.

Hendrix It’s been amazing for Athletics for the last two years. With a total of 110 innings, he pitched to 1.79 ERA and an untouched 1.70 FIP. He is ranked number one among all qualified rescuers during the period in both of these categories (minimum 75 innings).Hendrix is ​​also number one fWAR In the same period, there are 5.2 mark reliefs with 97 relief appearances. It would be an understatement to say that he would make a difference in the Dodgers.

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Dodgers’ interest in Liam Hendriks seems to be growing Dodgers’ interest in Liam Hendriks seems to be growing

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