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While the Yankees remain a team Most notably Link to DJ LeMahieu, Other clubs are protracted as a possible alternative to free agent infielders. Includes the current World Series Champions. David Vassegh of AM 570 LA Sports Earlier this week, during a MLB Network appearance, the Dodgers said:Definitely talking with LeMahieu.. “

According to various reports, LeMahieu and the Yankees Separated Over $ 25 Million in Contract Negotiations by One Year — There’s a good gap to ensure that other big spending teams have the opportunity to join. The Blue Jays are believed to be the Yankees’ main rivals to sign LeMahieu, and the Mets and Astros have been involved at various times this offseason, but the Dodgers have pushed all the way to land. If the Dodgers suddenly approach as a potential favorite, the All-Star.

Los Angeles already has over $ 197 million in books In 2021 payrollSigning LeMahieu will certainly exceed the Dodgers’ $ 210 million luxury tax threshold. The club may consider making some transactions elsewhere to free up money and avoid paying taxes, or the Dodgers can simply minimize the one-year hit ( 20% per dollar spent between $ 210 million and $ 230 million) Add a Le Meille bat to further enhance the lineup of another title run.When Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Corey seager, Chris Taylor,and Joe kelly Los Angeles could be an all-free agent during the off-season 2021-22, and suddenly more payroll space will be available if you want to fall below tax standards next winter.

The Dodgers are clearly very familiar with LeMahieu since his time as the Rockies’ regular second baseman, but he brought his game to the MVP caliber for two seasons with the Yankees. LeMahieu’s ability to play third and first baseman is perfect for a Los Angeles team that praises multi-position players and can make him a perfect (and more versatile) alternative to another free agent. I will. Justin Turner..

It was a fairly quiet off-season for the Dodgers overall, but the club is not considered to be under financial constraints that seem to be holding back many teams this winter. With this kind of payroll flexibility available, the Dodgers are already talented and players like LeMahieu looking for a big payday have a relatively short list of teams that can meet their demands. So you can be happy to wait for the market price.

It is worth noting that LeMahieu rejected the Yankees qualifying offer. Andrew Friedman, Dodgers baseball manager, is usually away from the free agents that accompany draft topic compensation. However, AJ Pollock When the Dodgers signed a four-year contract with Pollock, they abandoned what was the 34th overall pick in the 2019 draft, representing one such external QO signature during Friedman’s tenure in Los Angeles. January 2019..

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Dodgers interested in DJ LeMahieu Dodgers interested in DJ LeMahieu

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