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The Dodgers will always be mentioned, at least in the rumors of major trade and free agents out there. As one of the largest market teams in baseball, it comes with a kind of territory. Still riding the World Series victory wave is another reason why players might want to end here.

So when the Dodgers first appeared in Trevor Bauer rumors, most fans shrugged it. The same is true when they reappear in the discussion of DJ LeMahieu. But the rumors make a little more sense, as the situation of pending free agents in Los Angeles changes every minute.

MLB Insider Joel Sherman The Dodgers added more fuel to this week’s rumored fire when he said he was ready to land at least one of those celebrities. Sherman spoke with baseball executives and reported that many felt that Los Angeles would be one (or two) of them by the start of the 2021 season.

The big question for Bauer is whether he is looking for a short-term deal. If the Dodgers had the opportunity to offer him a contract within three years, the chances of a deal seemingly real. If Bauer sees it in the long run, Los Angeles is almost out of conversation.

Dodgers / Remeille Fit?

LeMahieu is a little more complicated about what the Dodgers can do. Veteran infielders were reportedly looking for deals well in excess of $ 100 million over a five-year period. Los Angeles is so good at payroll that it has only worked on Mookie Betts since 2022, and LeMahieu is not a generational talent. On the other hand, losing Justin Turner as a free agent can make DJs a little more attractive.

My view

My opinion? I don’t like spending a lot of money this offseason. It’s not uncommon to dislike the talent there or not want the Dodgers to spend money. But Andrew Friedman was waiting for the perfect deal to take Betts to Los Angeles in the long run. I don’t think he needs to be so aggressive as he has eased the drought pressure of the 32 year championship.

Even if the Dodgers lose to Justin Turner, I think they’ll go inside the company to fill the gap on third base. I also believe that the depth of marketing across the organization is sufficient for them to not want to spend long-term money on free agents. only time will tell.

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Dodgers: MLB experts claim Los Angeles is primed by Land DJ LeMahieu or Trevor Bauer Dodgers: MLB experts claim Los Angeles is primed by Land DJ LeMahieu or Trevor Bauer

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