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In organized baseball, November is very busy and very important for players who are considered prospects. Some will be released from their home organization after being there for their entire career. Others have been added to the 40 Major League Baseball roster, giving them a great opportunity to become a big leaguer sooner rather than later. Let’s take a look at other news about what the Dodgers did during this important month, and some outlook.

Major League Baseball List Movement

At the beginning of the month, the Dodgers had quite a few players from the 60-day disabled list (IL), and many more declared themselves free agents. During these moves, the Dodgers had to open three roster locations, completely defeating Scott Alexander, Andy Burns, and Jimmy Shefy. From the list..

Later in the month, the Dodgers needed to make further roster decisions to decide who they wanted to protect from. Rule 5 draft.. There were many prospects for the Rule 5 draft, and the Dodgers chose to add Jacob Amaya, James Outman, Joe Bit Vivas, Edith Leonard, and Michael Grove to the 40-person roster.we I wrote more about them on our sister site, the Dodgers 2080..

In order for the Dodgers to add these five players, the Dodgers had to be assigned to Assignment (DFA) Billy McKinney and Zack Rex.Them The player was traded later Cash to Rangers.

The Dodgers had to sign DFA Sheldon Neuse and Andrew Vasquez to make room for re-signing Chris Taylor and Daniel Hudson. If the lockout ends and the Dodgers sign more free agents, the roster of 40 people will fill up and more work will have to be done.

Minor league free agent

One of the sad parts of the off-season is that players who have been in the organization for the first six seasons and haven’t created a roster of 40 people will be declared or released as free agents. Familiar name Included were Cristian Santana, Romer Cuadrado and Brock Stewart. We wish you all the best of luck.

Summary of outlook

At the Dodgers 2080, we talked about Michael Grove. Michael Grove has just been added to the list of 40 people, as mentioned above. Casey Porter Wrote extensively about him And it’s worth reading. Casey also made a functional cut for Jacob Amaya.

The Arizona Fall League completed its action in November, and the Dodgers were assigned the following players to the league.

  • RHP Kyle Hart
  • RHP Landonnack
  • LHP Jeff Berg
  • RHP Bobby Mirror
  • C Carson Taylor
  • SS Jacob Amaya
  • OF James Outman

Dodgers after the fall league season is over Placed 3 players All-Star Team: Miller, Outman, Nack.

Provides additional coverage for minor leaguers in both Dodgers and Dodgers Nations during the lockout period Dodgers 2080.. Fortunately, players who aren’t on the 40 roster aren’t affected by lockouts. They report to Spring Training and have a regular season of the game. Now, I hope that 40 roster players can also participate in spring training.

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Dodgers Prospect Roundup: Jacob Amaya, Bobby Miller, Michael Gloves, etc. Dodgers Prospect Roundup: Jacob Amaya, Bobby Miller, Michael Gloves, etc.

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