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Paul Millsap kept his standards fairly high this past offseason. In exploring the New Deal, he only spoke with Brooklyn Nets, the Chicago Bulls, and the Golden State Warriors. These are three of the top four teams currently in between each meeting. As the fourth component of this “top quadrant”, Phoenix Suns didn’t connect to him, but it was removed a few months later, so it ends up connecting.

The time between Brooklyn and Millsap’s net, which was the first to sign, quickly collapsed. He started off the bench as a player in a major role, but soon he began to look at the floor only for a minute of garbage time.

Except for some Ankle breaking caseMillsap didn’t play himself exactly on the shelves, but instead drowned in a wave of rookie talent.

But nevertheless, his dissatisfaction with his minimal role on the team became publicly known earlier this week and about Brooklyn’s intention to find a new home that would give him a more important role. The report has surfaced.

Sands has found himself obsessed with trade rumors, including backup power forwards, throughout the season, such as Thaddeus Young. And Domantas SabonisThe availability of Millsap stimulates some curiosity. If Phoenix thought he needed to land four more, but hit everyone else, Millsap was like a great option on paper, especially given his extensive playoff experience. I can see it.

Should Phoenix Suns try to add Paul Millsap as a role player?

The answer is no to deal with this in advance. Whether it’s a trade or a buyout market, Sands needs to keep about five JaVale McGee wingspans from Paul Millsap.

First and foremost, putting Millsap in Sands only exposes him to the same situation as the current Nets.

Talented Brooklyn has the embarrassment of wealth in rotation. That’s why Millsap achieved such a short play time and now wants it. Phoenix is ​​full of skilled players from top to bottom, as is his experience at Sands.

He could take over Abdel Nader’s typical rotation spot and create a case to back up Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson as a third forward, but such a role only gives him a short run time again. is. Again, it puts him back in the kennel, and it finds him now trying to escape himself.

But even purely watching his game, Millsap resembles an incredibly slow player who often struggles to move up and down the floor well. With Sands as the top tier fast break team and averaging the 7th most transition points per game, adding him to this team is like throwing a square wheel into your shopping cart.

From a general point of view, Millsap is also more like a player who is undergoing a clear and rapid decline. His points per game have declined over the last six years, with an average of only 3.4 per Nets contest. His field goal rate and rebounds have also plummeted in the last four years.

If Sands finds himself with plenty of time, they can’t go to such a guy when they have Jalen Smith on the bench. Looks like a true nova In the league earlier this month Deandre Ayton And McGee.

Millsap still looks like a perfect pro and deserves a chance to end his career the right way, but not at Sands.Returning home with the Atlanta Hawks, desperately in need of defensive help, feels like a much better idea for him, and if Sands still wants another power forward, maybe swing. Larry Nance Junior In trade.

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Does Phoenix Suns need to track Paul Millsap leaving Brooklyn? Does Phoenix Suns need to track Paul Millsap leaving Brooklyn?

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